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Here’s a reminder of…

Episode Nine … the David Attenborough series LIFE ~

The strategies used by plants that allow them to grow even where there is no sunlight, water or nutrients….

………..Featuring the Venus Flytrap

Dragon’s Blood Tree and Cat’s Claw Creeper’s claw ? should I filter this blog into GoY pets’ section? Lol.

MONDAY 7th December 2009. BBC1. 9 pm – 10 pm


Tuesday 8th December 2009. BBC4. 8 pm – 9 pm

I don’t have a photo of a Venus Flytrap but here’s a pretty pic of my Winter Jasmine…Jasminum nudiflorum….

…..This is the photo on the November section of
…my blog number 31.

Any GoY members wishing to receive weekly updates of garden and wildlife theme programmes on the main TV channels…
… please add a comment to my blog number 21….
… Enjoy your TV viewing… :o)

Mister December has just reminded me he is also on my Happy Garden calendar… Lol….

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Thanks for that Terratoonie love your Jasmine, mine seemed a month later this year. Looks odd when my neighbours tree is in full blossom.

5 Dec, 2009


Thank you for your reminders TT I would like to see the program about Venus Flytraps. I recently bought a Saracenia which also eats insects, and want a venus flytrap next.

It's nice to see Conker. I hope he's feeling well now

5 Dec, 2009


Thanks Terra. I watch everything that Sir David has a hand in. Love to Postman Pat !! :~))) x

5 Dec, 2009


Thanks Drc and Hywel...
Yes, another member mentioned their Winter Jasmine being late to flower.....
...mine has been in bloom for some weeks now.
Yes, thanks, Conker is perking up and eating better..:o)

Not sure if your names are on my blog 21 for weekly TV updates... if not please add them. Currently we are the Secret Seven... you two would make us the Notorious Nine...Lol.

PS..Postman Pat sends love to Sue Birmingham. and asks would you like to be included in blog 21 so we become the Terrific Ten. Lol.

5 Dec, 2009


Your blog has reminded me to go and have another look at my winter jasmine plants (newly planted early this year). They are hidden behind a hydranga but last time I looked I think I saw a little hint of yellow. Sunny here this morning so good to help dry my garden out and I am even thinking of removing some of the sandbags!
Just off to our church for the 'winter warm up' - home made soups, home made bread and puddings!!

5 Dec, 2009


Hi Gee.... yes, it was you who had mentioned your winter jasmine not flowering all that early.... I hope it now has some pretty yellow flowers.... and that your poor waterlogged garden is drying out in the sunshine !

..enjoy your soup, bread and pudding :o)

5 Dec, 2009


Wonderful photo of Conker he looks well doing the postman pat series in the snow, a lovely photo of your Jasmine too lovely colour. Thanks for the reminder, I watch most of his programs, as cats claw is very good as a medicine, especially for the throat, I think you just might have squeezed it into the right section LOL as it must be a herb hehe.

5 Dec, 2009


Thanks, Morgana...
A slightly different version of Conker's snow pic is on my Garden Calendar blog.
Yes, I think this episode of Life is going to be interesting, especially for those fascinated by the way plants survive..
... and yes, Garden and Horticulture category for this blog. Lol. :o)

5 Dec, 2009


I will go and look hehe, it makes me wonder about plants at times what strenth they have to be buried under such weight of soil, yet their little heads push through it all, yes will be interesting will watch it thanks.

5 Dec, 2009


You are right, Morgana, about the strength and determination of plants...
last year a lavender grew from seed between the cracks in my paving... became a sturdy little bush, despite very little room for it to get rooted ! :o)

5 Dec, 2009


That is where they say to place lavender by the pathways, so when you walk by you brush against it to release the scent to purfume your garden, so its growing in the right place.

5 Dec, 2009


Yes...clever plants :o) x

5 Dec, 2009



5 Dec, 2009


Thanks for telling us, lovely photo of Conker hope he is doing ok.

5 Dec, 2009


Yes, thanks Clarice...
Conker is eating and playing.....
...just needs to grow back some hair lost due to the chemo. :o)

5 Dec, 2009


will jot this down but have been watching the life series, wonderfull, love this pic of conker to, he`s a little hero :o))

5 Dec, 2009


Thanks, Sandra...
Conker wants you to know he just tried on his red and white Christmas hat...looks cute in

5 Dec, 2009


aww i bet he does to ;o)))

5 Dec, 2009



5 Dec, 2009


The BEST bit about the filter system is we who don't care to engage it are having great fun taking the ....extracting the....removing the...errr......

Ureic acid is very useful in the preparation of your compost, to get that fine crumbly texture you really need goodly amounts of bull or other animal (herbivores only please) droppings and wet them down regularly, always remembering to add plenty of fibre to keep the heap open..... ;~)))

Next weeks programe will concentrate on removing unsightly stains from the face of antirhinums.....

5 Dec, 2009


Think I should flag this blog for nudi...florums in the pics tsk tsk...

5 Dec, 2009


Good photo of Conker in the snow.Was that taken last year TT?
Have been following Attenboroughs Life has been brilliant as usual.
Love to all xx

5 Dec, 2009


Hi BB/ Jane...
Yes, if you look at my recent "Happy Garden Calendar" blog, you can see that I sort of "cheated" a little with Mr. December..Lol. Conker has very little hair at the moment because of the chemo. He wears Bonsai's old knitted coat on these chilly days... Not sure Conker will ever have that full coat of hair again, but to me he's still my handsome boy. xxx

5 Dec, 2009


Hi Indy...
Be warned...Lol.
If you flag this blog...
...Mr December will tell Postman Pat...
..and he will tell his black and white cat....:o(

5 Dec, 2009


Thanks TT. Conker looks grand, a cousin of mine lost all her hair last winter for the same reason and now she has lovely curls again, lets hope it works the same in Conker, although as you say he will always be your handsome boy......xx.

6 Dec, 2009


Thank you, Lincslass...
...encouraging to hear of your cousin's hair growing back after chemo...
my only Christmas wish is that Conker is a one-in-ten dog and stays cancer free. xxx

6 Dec, 2009


Hi Terra, I love the winter jasmine, it`s just beautiful. Postman Pat looks a real happy chappie delivering the Christmas mail! :o))

Sandra x

6 Dec, 2009


Hi Sandra..
Pleased you like the pix :o)

6 Dec, 2009


I'd never flag anything with a pic of my mate conker in it! ____)_____)_____)

7 Dec, 2009


Thank you Indy. xxxxxxx

8 Dec, 2009


.....and what an interesting episode it was TT. Fascinating to see plants growing in time lapse. I really enjoyed it, hope you did too.. :o)
Hope that Conker continues to improve. x

8 Dec, 2009


Hello Pottygardener ~
Yes. I was really glued to the screen during the whole programme.

Very good photography.... and showed the diverse ways in which plants survive in the most extreme environments !

Yes, thanks. Conker is eating and playing... not yet growing hair, but he is happy and that is the most important thing. :o) x

8 Dec, 2009


I wish I could get this series here TT..I have seen it when at GF's....I will look on the internet to see if there is anything that leads me to a place where I can see his work...I know I cannot get it as a TV show on my computer as I have tried that and it does not work for me.

9 Dec, 2009


Hi Cat..
I must be frustrating when I list the garden theme shows and you can't watch them.... I hope you'll be able to make up for that when you are next in GB :o)

9 Dec, 2009


The subject of this blog ...


is repeated Sunday 13th December.2009.

BBC 1. 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm. :o)

12 Dec, 2009


Just put a reminder on my mobile to remind me to watch the TV - I spend so much time sitting here at the PC writing on different blogs or working on updates for my webpages that time passes me by!

My daughter gave me a Venus Flytrap for my birthday 2 or 3 years ago. Unfortunately it was in a bag with a bottle of cologne water. Somehow the cap came off & the poor plant got soaked in the cologne water! :-( I thought it might survive but in a couple of weeks it was clear it was dying. It never did recover but there was a tiny piece of green Tradescantia that has since been growing in the same pot as the Venus Flytrap was in & has flourished. I've had to cut it back as it was nearly a metre (3ft) in length. I put some of the pieces in a big pot where I have a tall plant growing, something that begins with "D" - Drycena or something. Now the pot is totally covered & the branches reach down to the floor, about 50cm from the pot.

So out of a "disaster" something else grew!

Edit: I've done a search & I think it's a Dracaena Marginata or False Palm. Anyway the description & the photos on the page I found seem to fit my plant which is now over a metre tall from the soil to the tuft of leaves at the top. I've tried to take photos of it but they always seem to come out bad.

12 Dec, 2009

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