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GoY member, Tina2, is suffering with sciatica and so cannot sit too long at the computer. We all wish her better health in 2009. :o)

She has asked me to write this blog and to choose some of her photographs so she can wish everyone on GoY a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Any comments you leave on this blog, Tina2 will see very soon, when she next feels well enough look at GoY for a while. Thanks. :o)

This is Tina the dog. Much-missed canine companion.


Frosted leaves

Jasminum nudiflorum

Winter sunset

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I hope you feel better soon, Tina! Terrible time of the year to be unwell. Your pictures are lovely, especially the one of your beautiful canine, may she rest in peace.
Merry Christmas and have a happy and HEALTHY 2009.

23 Dec, 2008


Merry Chritmas Tina get well soon&have A Happy New Year XXX

23 Dec, 2008


Lovely photos, Tina. What a horrible time to get sciatica. I do send you my good wishes and hope you will get rid of your pain soon.

Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year to you. XX

23 Dec, 2008


Tina , I hope you will be better soon sciatica is a horrible thing to have .

I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :0)

Lovely photos !

23 Dec, 2008


I know what sciatica is like. It's absolutely horrible.
I hope you' re better soon Tina.
Merry Christmas from me and Blodyn :o)

23 Dec, 2008


Seasonal greetings Tina, hope the sciatica goes away soon.

23 Dec, 2008


sorry to hear you are suffering from sciatica, hope it goes asap. wishing you well in the new year.....................steve

23 Dec, 2008


Hope you feel better soon Tina. Merry Christmas.

23 Dec, 2008


Merry Christmas, Tina, hope you get well enough soon to be back here. Many Thanks, Tt, for posting on her behalf. Merry christmas to you all. X

24 Dec, 2008


Merry Christmas Tina. Gell well soon.
~ Gilli

24 Dec, 2008


happy christmas Tina, and hope you feel better real soon xx

24 Dec, 2008


Get well soon Tina and have a wonderful peaceful Christmas.

24 Dec, 2008


I woke up to find a private message from Tina2. She says she felt quite tearful reading all your lovely messages. Tina2 is going away for a holiday break, which will necessitate lots of stops along the way to ease the pains of pins and needles and leg cramps. She will be back on GoY in 2009 and will enjoy reading again through all of your kind messages.

Everone is so right about Tina2's wonderful photos ! Looking at her lovely pictures I had so very many from which to select just a few for her Christmas Greetings here.

Tina2 has also given me permission to use one of her very pretty photos in a GoY garden puzzle I've just completed and will put up on GoY very soon, slightly different to my GoY Christmas Crossword blog.

If anyone else adds comments or messages, that's very welcome because Tina2 will read through all your comments again on her return. Many thanks. xxx

24 Dec, 2008


Sorry i'm abit late but wish you all the best for xmas & new year, hope you feel better soon, know how you feel had it a couple of years ago.

24 Dec, 2008


Hope you feel much better now.....

26 Dec, 2008


Hi Tina2, missed you around Christmas time, hope you are feeling better soon and we get to see some more of your lovely photos!
Take care!

7 Jan, 2009


Hi everyone,Happy New Year to you all and Many Thanks for your kind wishes that you have put up on here for me.

It is very kind and thoughtful of you all to think of me when I havn't been feeling to brilliant with this rotten Sciatica.Unfortunately when it kicks off so to speak it isn't very pleasant and if I sit down for too long it tends to get worse.

I had to have an MRI scan done last year after having a long bout of it and the results show that my lowest vertebrea is degenerating through normal wear and tear plus the dreaded old age syndrome.I have a bony spur that has grown on the end of the vertebrea and it is this spur that presses on the Sciatic nerve and causes me all the problems

.I am sure that if any of you have suffered with Sciatica yourselves,then you will know what I am talking about.

Anyway,I will try to get on here as much as I can but I have to try and think logically that now I have this problem it is something i am going to have to live with.I have two other sisters who also suffer with the same problem,but I am the only one that has the extra piece of bone{that we know of} though I didn't think it ran in families

Anyway,I do hope that 2009 brings you all the very best and that the time goes a bit more slowly than it did last year,lol...

Thanks also to TT for putting up the photo's for you all to see.I will see about putting up some more as soon as I can.

Take Care everyone

7 Jan, 2009


Hello Tina2 ~

I was pleased to make the blog for you.
I just wish it could have been for a reason happier than your painful sciatica.

You have so many wonderful photos. I took a while to decide, and obviously had to start with lovely Tina the dog, followed by some which have a winter theme.

Wishing you better health in 09.
And looking forward to your new photos, when you feel fit enough to sit at the computer for a while. xxxxxxx

7 Jan, 2009


Hi Tina good to hear from u :)

7 Jan, 2009


Hi Tina. Pleased to see you are feeling well enough at the moment to have a play on GOY. That'll make you feel better!

7 Jan, 2009


Thanks TT,Jaque and Pottygardener{lovely name lol}Hope you all had a great Christmas and havn't been hit too hard by this depression{recession} we are starting to go through,and I wish all of us a good 2009 in many ways either at work and in personal lives.xxxxx....

7 Jan, 2009

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