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Unfortunately, I have a very small garden. To make matters worse, a neighbour allows self-seeded boundary trees such as sycamores, elder, holly, hawthorn and suchlike to reach enormous heights, bearing in mind that already our plot is situated about three feet lower than his. Beyond these "trees" going further up his garden is a row of conifers. This is South facing and therefore the sun is blocked from our garden most of the time, resulting in the plants that I like to grow dying from lack of light and the ground being too wet. I become so upset and frustrated that I give up working in my garden sometimes although I just love it. The neighbour absolutely refuses to cut these trees, although we have asked and offered to pay for this. They are not evergreen and the law only governs the height of evergreens so there does not seem to be much that we can do unless anyone who may read this knows any better (hopefully!). I have a small, raised bed on my patio in which I grow salad greens, spring onions, beetroot, etc. I have a small greenhouse which I use to grow seeds, cucumbers and melons. I grow potatoes in a hopper on the patio also. I have recently become an allotment holder but feel I have been a little hasty in this, not realising how much there is to do and not having the time. Other than gardening, and plants in general, I enjoy needlework, my grandchildren (10 of them), cooking and holidays.

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