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My Senior Moment of the Day (The Tree Stump Saga)


Well………here I sit with a face as red as a beetroot due to a Senior Moment. I took another closer look at the tree stump, even took more photos…
Then I explained what I was doing to my OH…….
He came and looked closely too, pulled at the string, which I had worked out was in a layer of three thick wreaths. While we were doing this, our two little mice scuttled around eating the peanuts I’d provided. This was what was worrying me……had I disturbed a mouse nest? Is there such a thing?
My other half, figured it out.

A good six years ago I bought one of those Teddy Bear Nut Feeders for the birds and the mouse we had back then too……..over the year it got a tad tatty and I stripped it down and put it the hedge border, to be cleared at a later date, and absolutely and completely forgot all about it.
So sorry for all the excitement but at least I’m not guilty of disturbing a nest of any kind!

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Oh, very familiar with 'senior moments'!! It may well have provided a cosy habitat over the last few years before it rotted away. How lovely you still have mice, are they wood mice?? Your blog has made me smile! :)

3 Jul, 2018


They are out all day every day and currently we seem to have a family of three. They are absolutely gorgeous and make us smile every time we see them. They are exactly like the one in the photo, I think they are wood mice. They are far enough away from the house so no trouble at all and as I say we've been lucky to have had them for years which is lovely. We are clearing a lot of room to make our garden even more wildlife friendly! We spotted a squirrel last year which was an absolute first.

4 Jul, 2018


Life wouldn't be the same without our senior moments lol I have them all the time.
I've never heard of anyone feeding mice before. It's a good idea. Nice to look after the wildlife :)

6 Jul, 2018


I love field mice and have rescued several from our cat. She brings them in alive and places them at my feet. They then scamper under a piece of furniture! We place our humane trap nearby with cheese and peanut butter bait and there in the morning is a slightly fatter little mouse.
This happened three times last week and I am beginning to wonder if it's the same mouse with a peanut-butter addiction!

6 Jul, 2018


We feed ours suet pellets and peanuts, on Christmas Day we sat having our lunch watching two of them empty a whole 50 pence bag of nuts. They were obviously stashing them for the winter. Today I watered a newly planted pyrocantha and one of the mice actually came and sucked the water from the bottom of the bush. With all this dry weather they too must need water. Far more entertaining to watch than tv!

8 Jul, 2018


I too think mice are lovely little creatures, so long as they are not a house nuisance. Over the years since I was 14 I had many pet mice and one of them even had 11 babies, of which 8 survived and they were so fun to watch. Glad to hear other people enjoy them too :)

9 Aug, 2018


Pamelaanne - Eleven babies, blimey! Four is the most we've seen so far outside, I turn away and do something else in the garden after I see 4.........ha-ha! They are a good distance from the house so I am relaxed about that, and we've seen them for lots of years now. We also have two indoor puddycats who would no doubt have a say about where the mice live........

9 Aug, 2018


Love this blog, made me chuckle, I've had many a senior moment in my time, not all of them during my senior years either..Great photo's...

12 Aug, 2018

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