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Apple Tree Help Please


When we bought our house, the two apple trees on the property were very neglected. One was half dead, so I cut off the dead limbs and shaped the trees. So far, I have been pleased. However, some of the leaves are developing brown spots. Anyone know what they are and how to treat them? Hubby says to cut them down, but I don’t want to if they can be saved. Appreciate any advice.

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I'm no expert Sunflower but you do have apples starting to grow.

We are learning about Apple Trees at Glamis walled garden project I shall ask there today for you.

It may leaves have a disease or wind burn.

I am sure our fruit experts on Goy will be able to help.

Good luck its a nice tree.

13 Jun, 2013


Oh please try and save them I think old apple trees have such character.

14 Jun, 2013


I plan to keep them unless they are diseased. We live on a hill, so its pretty good chance the leaves have wind burn. Thank you!

15 Jun, 2013


I think one of them is gone. Its getting worse as the days go on, but I can't bear cutting it down. Keep hoping it will bounce back. The other one is thriving. So at least one has pulled through ;O)

8 Jul, 2013


I use Neem Oil on mine. There is a blog on this site if you go type in Neem Oil in the search bar you can read about it. I have a very healthy Honey Crisp and another type of apple tree, I think it is Granny Smith, they are both about ten years old, and doing well.
I live on the coast of Oregon so it is always wet here and rainy. I hope your apple tree will be ok!

31 Jul, 2013


Why don't you plant a group of new apple trees, say five. randomly spaced and do away with those that you have. Certain trees grow very quickly and if you take care to feed and prune them, they will be wonderful to look at, and maybe eat apples...

11 Jan, 2014


One was dead, rotted from inside out. The other one is better, I pruned it and a year, it is coming back nicely. Planted a peach tree as well. Hoping to plant a few more fruit trees in the Spring.

9 Nov, 2014

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