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The Search for Xmas


So whats it all about then, where is the xmas spirit, and how can I use up some spare pics?
Ok so lets get going..

But before we start…one word….

A visit to a local garden centre, oh hmm just what I need!!!

ahhh hello there…yep know how you feel, better to hide

ah this is just what I was looking for, two light pyramids and a lit up deer on a bench : /

Hey Kia, do you know where xmas is? Dunno Stevie, I’ve gone to the end of my rope looking, btw you don’t have a biscuit do you?

And a few days ago the first bit of snow on the hill.
No stop looking at the goats!! LOOK

a bit closer

and with the rain a little stream forms

only cold enough when it hit the hill, but it’ll be back!!
Ok lets avoid the shops and just go to another garden centre (say hi to someone on minimum wage)

Hello Sir can I help you (gosh they’re paying them in cat food!!)

Ok so how much is that? tap tap tap, that’ll be £12.48 please sir…meow

Just then Lulus hare in the sky appeared

fluffy xmas crocodile?

Just seems there’s more sky in winter

But lets at least do two xmas things, feed the birds and hang at least one set of light up ok

There, an xmas dinner for the birds : )

and some lights

hmm cant seems to capture my tree very well!!

Bit better

Ok you know the words sing along:…,

Oh Christmas tree
Oh Christmas tree (no)
A Royal Enfield 350 : )
(xmas song specially commissioned by Bampy Motors)

ah there she is, you see xmas is about being at home with the ones you love x
Merry Xmas Goyers
(and before you ask-yes that IS in my living room ; )

This has been a StevieTT-Pallet-Wood Ltd communications product x

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this is just brilliant, laughed and giggled all the way through.

stevie you should definitely be in journalism.

i could not work out why the christmas tree was lying down!!!!

22 Dec, 2011


I've been to that garden centre the same cat served me ,it wouldn't accept my money I had to pay in prawns ..... my OH has a 1946 BSA , I'm not letting him near the computer if he sees this he will think he is allowed to have it in the sitting room !

22 Dec, 2011


Brilliant blog Stevie - love the bike!

22 Dec, 2011


How old is the first decoration? :)

22 Dec, 2011


Thanks Sticki/Sheilar, Amy snuck behind the RE is my BSA C15 its a 63/64 but I do prefer the pre-war BSA models. Not sure what you mean, that used to be in the bedroom ; )
Katarina, I made a special effort to put that up, see my last pic ; )

22 Dec, 2011


Haha Stevie - lovely blog - as usually;-) Which garden centre have you visited?
Lovely pics of the sky - so many times I am watching the lovely pinkish clouds at work.... good thing you had your camera with you:)
Strange thing but I noticed that colour of that cat's fur (forgot the name:( is typical to many garden centers I visited. Masha looks very similar - so maybe I should start my own garden centre? lol
Love your Christmas decorations - unusual, lol. But it's typical of you - doing things in your own, unpredictible way:) Merry Christmas to you too Stevie:)

22 Dec, 2011


Very nice baubles Stevie, though not as big as Paul's balls.
Love the help at the GC. Probably more polite than the humans.
If my bf put his bike in the house, never mind lovingly decorated it........actually, you've just given me an idea....
Merry Xmas!!

22 Dec, 2011


Love the bike tree and Lulu's sky hare!!
Cheers matey x

23 Dec, 2011


do I detect just a smidge of 'Bah Humbug' ? No surely not I thought, its Xmas, this is 'Stevie the Terribly Nice' & he did say that those highly blindingly garish over sized lit up pyramids & reindeer was just what he was looking for but I dont see them amongst his festive home decor extraveganza ?? I expect he's put them some where special ( I know I would ?!?! )
The redeeming factors of course comes in not once but twice when we see the birds are being catered for ( a cause very dear to my heart ) & a most splendid xmas tree complete with a piston, carburetta & handlebars, another cause dear to my heart & if Im not mistaken better illuminated than usual !! Seasons best to you S the T & its been fun crossing pens, 2012 should be interesting eh ?? ( shhhhh !! I think Stevie is going to surprise us all with an emblazonement of pyrotechnic lights illuminating the whole exterior of his home plus half the night sky with those pyramids & reindeer on his roof as his glorious centre piece.
What is he like eh !?!? )

23 Dec, 2011


Thanks Kasy, yes I feel a nice feeling when the garden centre has a cat or a dog or preferably both, gives it a nice feel.
Yes Lil i did check out Pauls balls, one swollen alot more than the other is a problem I think but i.m not a doctor!
Lulu when I saw that hare I instantly thought of you (but shan't say about the fluffy crocodile ; )
And yes thank you to my xmas lights sponsor Bampy motors I have enjoyed yours and one and alls banter in 2011, here's to 2012 the year of the apocalypse so better make it a good one as I think the end of the world is Dec 21st or thereabouts.
Yes you are correct Bampy I was indeed thinking of wheeling the bike over to the arch window for external wonderment, but then again I may not be arsed ; )

marry xmas one n all

23 Dec, 2011


I wonder if they got the apocalypse year right this time? 1994, 1999, 2012, 2020, 2022...................11.11.11? Nope, still here. Still time for The Quick and The Dead to get's preying.........
That in The Beginning there was The Word
And it began with a letter......'W'
Double You.
It could be turned and upside down still made a sound
And one that created resonance 'M'

Between the sound and The Word
There's a place where we meet,
We've met there already dont'cha think?
Hear Mankind don't mess with The Mother
Because if she leaves you....It's hell.

And 'Hello' to you at this time
Please recognise the point
This is the tip upon which we find ourselves
again and again

Which between us is ours in Truth.

23 Dec, 2011


Hmm a lovely xmas message there Lulu, I hope that W wasn't George W! or upside down not McDonald's!

Well, I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming
Sayin' something about a queen
There were peasants singin' and drummers drumming
And the archer split the tree
There was a fanfare blowin' to the sun
That floated on the breeze
Look at mother nature on the run in the nineteen seventies
Look at mother nature on the run in the nineteen seventies

23 Dec, 2011


Good one Stevo!

23 Dec, 2011


Brilliant blog Stevie loved the bike but where are the presents!

23 Dec, 2011


Just wrapped them Nana, and also I might add using only last years paper : ), lets just say there might be enough left for next year ; )

23 Dec, 2011


good things come in small packages!!?

23 Dec, 2011

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