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A sunny walk


Wednesday morning as lovely and sunny, so we decided to go a bit further than usual – a whole half hour’s drive away…
OH didn’t tell me our destination so it was a lovely surprise to find we’d arrived at my favourite beach – probably the best one in the county, though not easily accessed.

Just out of the car park we noticed a large patch of Winter Heliotrope, scenting the air in spite of the stiff breeze. Here’s one that was standing off by itself.

Then it was off down the steep path and steps to the beach,OH getting well ahead of me as usual…

You can see what a fabulous beach it is. There were a few people about, and a couple of dogs but it was pretty quiet.

We crossed the beach and walked up to the shoreline again, where the stream that empties into the bay spreads itself out very wide and shallow. There were three children playing BAREFOOT in the water, while everyone else was muffled up in hats and scarves, ears well covered – it was pretty cold.

This is where the stream emerges to flow onto the beach. sorry about my shadow – I couldn’t move the sun round to the other side! OH is supervising from the bridge.

Then it was back to the car to find some lunch – a great morning.

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Lovely...the cold is bearable when bright and sunny! Although, I wouldn't be going barefoot like the youngens!

30 Dec, 2016


Lovely beach Stera. I like the picture with the shadow.

31 Dec, 2016


What a gorgeous place! Thanks Sue - love this blog. I'm sure I would have paddled - briefly :)

31 Dec, 2016


A beautiful beach. I prefer to go by the sea in winter.

31 Dec, 2016


So do I Hywel. We avoid it in August as I bet you do.
Thank you for looking, Paul, Klahanie and Sheila. (Bet you wouldn't have Sheila...)
There are three very different access paths. Apart from this shortest one there's one over the cliffs and one down by the side of Bosherston Lily Ponds. Not to be missed if you are ever down this way.

31 Dec, 2016


... and I agree, it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet and has to be seen 'in the flesh' to appreciate it.

I also love Barafundle. Have you ever been there Sue ? It's even more unaccessible than this beach, and there are rabbits running across the sands :)

31 Dec, 2016


OK, maybe you're right, Sue. I'll wait until it's a little warmer before I come paddling.

Just looked up 'Bosherston Lily ponds' on Google maps, and see that it's not a million miles from Manorbier, where we had a wonderful holiday when the boys were little . . . great memories :)

31 Dec, 2016


Hywel this is in fact Barafundle... where did you think it was, because if its as nice as this it will go on our must visit list! No rabbits this week though.

Sheila yes Manorbier is grand too - and a lot more accessible than this one! I bet the boys enjoyed going round the castle.

31 Dec, 2016


Sue if it's the beach at the end of the Bosherston lakes, it isn't Barafundle. It's called Broad Haven
(there's also another Broadhaven not far from where you live)
It doesn't look like Barafundle at all. That has steep cliffs at both sides and no stream. You have to walk a long way to get to it.

31 Dec, 2016


Goodness. I do remember now walking from Stackpole Quay to Barafundle - a long cliff walk and a lot of steps...Yes it certainly is less accessible! That was the day my metatarsal arch dropped - good thing it waited until we got back to St Davids (can't remember why we were there)- I dread to think how I'd have got back if it had happened above Stackpole. (Air sea rescue???)

I will have to change the captions on my photos to Broadhaven South. Before we knew that there are two Broadhavens we spent a long time at the other one looking for the lily ponds. (This was 10 years ago)

We were at the North one this Boxing Day - it was lovely and the tide was right out. Two people were trying to ride their ponies into the sea - I thought it was a bit thoughtless in that very cold water.
The captain of the lifeboat crew at Little Haven there has just been awarded a New Years Honour, did you see?.

31 Dec, 2016


I didn't know about the lifeboat captain Sue. I am pleased to hear it :)

Goodness ... I'm glad you didn't get that injury on the cliffs. It sounds painful.
So confusing to have two Broadhavens lol :D

31 Dec, 2016


What a lovely day out Stera - we have not been to that area many times - we have stayed by Bosherton a few years back and Manobier last year - it is so unspoilt around there - Happy New Year to you both - Jane

1 Jan, 2017


Lovely pics. Stera... thanks for sharing and all the best to you in 2017.

1 Jan, 2017


Thank you Jane & Terra. Happy New year to you and to everyone.

1 Jan, 2017


Beautiful beaches, Stera. I envy you living near such a place as it would suit me too. Alas, I wanted to be nearer my son (the other lives in W Cork so that wasn't an option) which is why we moved to Buckingham. Until he buys a house Steve and his fiancée live only 25 mins away.

Keep taking pictures of your lovely area. I'm very partial to Wales. Must be my ancestry!

11 Jan, 2017


You win some you lose some - our son lives up by the moors near Oldham - a very long journey away - but its pretty chilly up there.
Jane PM me if you're coming our way again.

11 Jan, 2017


Lovely pictures Sue, We used to live on the I.O.Wight a long time ago and we loved to go to the beaches in the winter when the waves were roaring in. It seemed different again in the summer. I used to horse ride along the beach and loved it. I used to fish off the pier sometimes too. Memoirs.......

23 Jan, 2017


I've only seen the IoW in the sun once - the other time we went on a day trip and it was very foggy all the time! But from the first time I do remember how lovely it is - you must have missed it a lot when you moved. Yes the seaside is great in winter, especially the rocky parts where you get good spray. We once forgot and went in August. The tiny beach nearest us was packed to bustin' and the mile long beach next to it would have been chokka with "boys toys" - wind surfers, kyackers, land surfers etc so we gave up and went home again.
I've never tried fishing!

23 Jan, 2017

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