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January rains are picking up speed.


By stan510


I decided to write this after a thunderclap shook my house,rattled windows. Scared the bejeebees out of the cat.
Then followed the heavy rains for a few minutes. Thats how its been..not long last heavy rains. We are having no flooding. Rain, then stop..then rain again. Like the weather people say “This is just what we want- not all at one time”.
Snow pack is over average for the date..but not enough to stop the worries.
Still, only two non rainy days in the long range forecast- and that could be wrong.
Remember I said 1996-97 El Nino was just rains and cloudy weather day after day?..Getting to be like that again.
That year,we had more rain then Seattle. 38". During this drought we’ve had like 10" years.

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The western side of Britain now gets fierce weather carried across the Atlantic from the east coast of USA on jet streams related to El NiƱo times. Huge swirls of heavy rain and strong winds, causing serious flooding in many places. Those big weather computers are getting so accurate now Stan. Our winter has been really mild. All very scary. There is a big canal near my brother. Water is dumped into it from a near river in rainy times. It looks like a white water rafting course. Originally dug to get manufactured goods and raw materials in and out of Manchester up to the fifties. Now a massive overflow channel!

26 Jan, 2016


Dor,the El Nino really has been glancing us. Rains- but not downpours of all day and night. Mostly the PNW has taken the brunt...and now the jet is bringing it to the eastcoast and across the Atlantic.
Back in 97-98,we got a direct hit of ElNino--much stronger then this years. "Dry Creek" by my house was a torrent that killed many very old creekside trees from logjams bashing the bark off of trunks.
Take care..a El Nino is scary.

26 Jan, 2016

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