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It was sunny this morning, and I knew that I had to view the devastation ‘post floods’. Henry came with me as we went to look round the flooded garden. He was as surprised as I was to find that the lower lawn had reappeared!
Just as if nothing had happened!

You saw the photo yesterday – well, didn’t the water go down quickly! We carried on to look over the wall onto the stream bank…

And MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! There are (most) of my plants, a bit battered and bent, but still there! There’s a lot of debris but even some of the plant labels have survived their drenching!

What’s that hole near where the steps used to be? Oh, dear, that was my Astilbe ‘Fanal’. It’s gone. That’s sad, it was just about to flower, too.

But everything else is there. even the ‘Skunk Cabbage’. I am so pleased that my method of weighting it down with a big stone worked that I might patent it! One of the Flag Irises is still playing at submarines, but it’s OK and should emerge when the stream goes down some more.

The news had spread round the village (as it does) and a friend up the lane who used to run a small Nursery donated three new plants – an Astilbe ‘Glut’

A tiny Gunnera magellicana – it stays tiny, not like its BIG brother!

And a mystery plant – leaves like an Astilbe but she can’t remember its name. Here it is. Anybody recognise it?

Aren’t people kind! Everyone on GOY who sent me messages, thank you. I do believe that my stream bank project will be a success after all! well – here’s hoping. There’s a thunderstorm going on at the moment and it’s pouring again….

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Glad to hear the damage wasn't as bad as you thought.What a great community spirit gardeners instil.

29 May, 2008


ah thats great spritz that most of your plants survived, i bet you had a big smile on your face when you seen them. that was really nice to have been given some new plants.

29 May, 2008


Glad to hear most of your plants survived Spritz Nice of your neighbour to donate the Astilbe and other plants Hope the Gunnera wont grow to big

29 May, 2008


Gunnera magellanica is a sweetie - only a couple of inches tall. Flag iris is a native and grows in water so should be able to survive a day or two under water. Glad most of your plantings survived

29 May, 2008


It never stopped raining here yesterday, but as hard as it rained all my pots & hanging baskets where bone dry this mourning.

29 May, 2008


Hi Spritz saw the news re - floods in Somerset hope they didnt return after you wrote this.Stay dry sorry you seem to be getting what we had last year.

29 May, 2008


Enjoy your new plants Spritz. Very happy to see that your plants survived.

29 May, 2008


Thanks guys - yes, we had thunderstorms yesterday p.m. and torrential rain, and the stream level has risen again enough to cover both Flag Irises - but the one I can see is still there under the water! It's dry out there today, so maybe the level will drop. (HOPING). We didn't get it as badly as Crewkerne luckily. Poor things!

30 May, 2008


hi spritz, was just watching the flash floods on sky news in somerset,, it looks bad.. i feel bad now complaining about a day of rain that we had, was nothing like what you are going thru.

30 May, 2008


We have been thinking of you during this dreadful waether. Its been awful here in Bristol but thankfully nothing like the devastation and torrential rain that you experienced in Somerset. Lets hope we see some better weather soon and some sunshine to raise the spirits.
Love and best wishes,
Grenville and Alan.

31 May, 2008

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