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After the Heavy Rain.


I was very aware when I planted up the stream bank that the plants needed to get their roots down before there was heavy rain, as our stream level rises rapidly due to the water coming down from the hills. I tried to help them by weighting down the plants nearest to the water. I even attached a heavy stone to the pot to help the ‘Skunk Cabbage’ stay put!

I had my fingers crossed on Sunday and Monday when we had torrential rain in this area! But I am very glad to tell you that all is well My Flag Iris has its feet in the water but it has not disappeared down stream on its way to visit Grenville at Bristol!

And everything else has stayed put too. Now I just have to hope that the water level goes down far enough before the next rain band arrives!

Keep your fingers crossed for me and my new plants, won’t you! I have just heard the forecast – it’s NOT good! OOOOOH dear.

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More rain on the way ! I hope you've secured the plants down enough. It would be a shame to lose them.

27 May, 2008


your planting looks so well spritz,,,, will keep my fingers crossed for you

27 May, 2008


When is this rain ever going to stop ! I will keep my fingers crossed for you Spritz looks like theres more to come

27 May, 2008


Help me out here Spritz or am I having a senior moment? Is this a follow up from your last period of rain or you sending Grenville more plants? Did you post blog about stream and we discussed skunk cabbage or am I psychic
experiencing Deja Vu or plain nuts ? My therapist thinks Im watching too many re -runs .

28 May, 2008


Glad to see that your plantings did very well Spritz. All your hard work and precautions has paid off. We just had a series of thunderstorms come through here this afternoon. Three of them and the rain each time was torrential. Thank God, no damage. Everything sure got a good soaking. Best of luck with the next heavy rains.

28 May, 2008


ur plants must be very brave surviving all that water!! They look great i will definately keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! we have just had mizzle (my new word learnt it from Bonkers!!) for the last few days!!

28 May, 2008


Happy to read that your plants have stayed with you, Spritz. We've had no rain at all for over 2 weeks - until this morning, so am here in the library again. I discovered that our neighbour's guttering has a bad leak, which has totally flooded some pots of lilies in my new alley garden - washed them clean out of the pots onto the ground - aargh!!

28 May, 2008


ah no david thats awful, are you able to save them or are they completely destroyed now?

28 May, 2008


Oh your garden is so beautiful I want to eat it up. I love the primulas - though streams both inspire and frighten me.

14 Apr, 2010


I'm waiting for them to reappear - they're always late. I love the stream - usually! When I'm working out there, the sound of it is just magical. OH has seen a kingfisher twice - I haven't, but we do occasionally get an egret in the garden. :-)))

I'm glad you're enjoying your 'virtual' trip round my garden. Tomorrow, if you're good, I'll tell you where to find another story which you might enjoy! Not telling you what. lol.

14 Apr, 2010

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