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Got Him!


There’s been quite lot of chat about pigeons on the site – I have a very cheeky wood pigeon which I have been trying to photograph for a while – and finally – GOT HIM in flagrante!

Here he is lurking on the fence to see if the coast’s clear.

Then he turned and stared at me through the window quite blatantly!

After which, he decided that I was no threat – or else he didn’t care – and flew to the roof of the bird table as the next stage.

Finally, he flew down and reaped his reward – until I’d got my photo and then I chased him away – as usual!

In the meantime, the other small birds (my regulars) were scattered except for a robin who decided to pick up the food displaced by the pigeon when he landed.

When I had chased the pigeon away with the help of Henry, who always chases pigeons if he sees them (well-trained dog!) the other birds gradually dared to return: first the sparrows -

Then my favourite long-tailed tits who always come in a group…

But, like Sylvester Stallone, he’ll be back!

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I get them too in my neck of the woods - they`re like jumbo jets flying in!

27 Feb, 2008


Yes their so Cheeky lol :D

27 Feb, 2008


Great photos Spritz. Enjoyed seeing them.

28 Feb, 2008


Had to sign up to respond to this one! I quite like the pigeons, but I went off them when they ganged up with a hen pheasant (! this is suburbia!) to eat my greens! I'm not at all sure if I'll get any purple-sprouting broccoli this year (my first attempt).
Incidentally they make interesting patterns on the windows when they fly into them (pigeons and windows both seem to survive) and it's great now we've got cowls on the chimney pots - no more pigeons down the chimney!
You are SO lucky to get so many long-tailed tits and to get sparrows - we mostly get goldfinches (in an assorted flock of finches) and dunnocks.

29 Feb, 2008


What a great blog, I just loved your photos! We've tried really hard this winter to encourage the birds to visit our garden too, but keep most of the food in hanging feeders so as not to encourage too many pigeons. Any food I put on the ground I try and 'hide' round the edges of shrubs; the smaller birds can find it okay but I think pigeons prefer to feed in the open. We get starlings, sparrows, dunnocks and blackbirds by the dozen here, but this year have also managed to attract chaffinch and goldfinch, bluetits and great tits, an occasional coal tit and occasional party of long-tailed tits; always a treat. We've spotted a goldcrest once or twice but our favourite visitor is a male blackcap who we have seen nearly every day since December, hopefully he'll find a lady friend and we'll be the proud 'parents' of baby blackcaps! So, not a bad list for a town garden and our success is making me wonder how I can do more in my garden to make it wild-life friendly.

2 Mar, 2008


Thats one cheeky pigeon you,ve got there ,like your photos of the little birds

2 Mar, 2008

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