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Re-vamping the corner.


I sit in my favourite place and look across the corner bed. Yes, it’s here I do my planning. I have been looking at a straggly Hebe and wondering what to do about the corner. It was a bit messy.

I decided to re-vamp it and set to work with my secateurs and pruning saw. The Hebe was hiding a beautiful Hamamelis ‘Rubin’ so a whole branch went. There was already an improvement.

Then I removed a large clump of Shasta Daisies. These will be split and potted up, then I’ll put them on the plant stall in June. I moved a clump of pink Chrysanthemums and some Campanula as well. This revealed my Coprosma ’Beatson’s Gold’ and Lonicera nitida ’Baggeson’s Gold’, both of which deserve to be seen, not hidden!

Now to plant my new shrub.

I’ve been looking at this Osmanthus ‘Goshiki’ in the Garden Centre and thinking about getting it. It looks great with the other variegated shrubs. It is a slow grower, but I’ll have to keep an eye on its size, as I don’t want it to overwhelm everything else.

But the corner looks a lot better – all I need to do now is to pop a few bulbs in. I got some dwarf Camassias when I bought the Osmanthus; a bit late going in, I know, but I shall keep my fingers crossed – and they were half-price!

That’s how I spent my afternoon!

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It Looks So Much Better Spritz your a Dab Hand with those Secateurs&Pruning Saw :)

18 Nov, 2008


A great improvement spritz. Barney says the osmanthus is a nice shrub but it does scratch a bit if I forget to prune it away from him. Camassias - good in flower but they don't die back very tidily, I've just moved some from the front of a border for that reason

18 Nov, 2008


Ah, well, as long as they give some colour to look at! I'm going to plant some perennials as well - but not until next year. Probably hardy Geraniums, I think. Rozanne would look wonderful there. :-)

18 Nov, 2008


Always think a really good hard pruning session very theraputic both for plants and us.

Sure you ll soon see the benefit of all this hard work and the border wiil bounce back to match the other delightful corners of your garden.

18 Nov, 2008


Thanks guys - I think that the Hebe will have to go at some point, but not yet, as it still flowers and the corner would look a bit bare without it!

18 Nov, 2008


wow youve had a busy day too Spritz. Both you and Jacque make me feel guilty as all I have done is rake up about a trillion leaves yet again lol

18 Nov, 2008


One guess what I shall be doing tomorrow!

18 Nov, 2008


A good afternoon's work Spritzhenry.
I have an Osmanthus and it does grow slowly. It's about 10 yrs old now and only about 4 ft high. ( it was a few inches when I bought it )

18 Nov, 2008


Thanks, Hywel - that's good to know. Mine is about 2' tall at the moment.

18 Nov, 2008


Spritz it looks really nice, so your afternoon's work payed off.

19 Nov, 2008


Love it Spritz, a really big improvement, i have'nt been able to get out for the last few days, as Brooke off pre school with throat infections, she has been a bit better today, so i managed to sneek out for 1/2 an hour while she was watching her new Barbie film for the 20th time in the last few days and plant some iris and white Dicentra that i ordered months ago and forgot about, so a nice suprise when they arrived this morning. i have another change about planned in the next few months, - the back area infront of the shed and greenhouse, i have come across a web site that sells 'Fedge' DIY sets, i was originally looking for willow cains to make a Tipi for Brooke to replace her playhouse that is now too small and a bit of an eye soar. and as well as finding a kit for these i found kits for Fedge (living fence) which i thought i might have a go at infront of the greenhouse, would be far cheaper that fence or trellis pannels, i do have 2 left over panels for the other side infront of the compost bins, but the side infront of the greenhouse will be difficult to dig down deep to secure the posts, but apparently you don't need to dig deep to put the willow rods in. so i thought i might give it a try after Christmas.

20 Nov, 2008

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