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More autumn colours - but not leaves!


My last blog was about autumn colours near your feet rather than above your head. This time, I’ve been collecting photos of different coloured…


First I went round my garden to see what colours (and shapes) there were.

Red, of course. Pyracantha, Viburnum, Berberis that I had to hunt for amongst the red leaves, and a few Holly berries not yet eaten by the birds. It’s surprising when you look closely how the shapes of the berries vary. They’re not all round. Some are oval and some have pointed ends.

Iris foetidissima sets dark corners alight at this time of year. I have the mauve flowered one, but I’ve come round to quite liking this plant, and I’m going to track down the lemon flowered one.

Then there’s orange. I have several Pyracantha shrubs in the garden – our predecessors must have liked them! I’m glad they aren’t all the same, though. Two have lovely orange berries. The birds are well provided for in my garden! They’ve started on these, too.

I know that my Viburnum tinus and the Ivies get black-coloured berries, but it’s a bit early for them at the moment, but I took my camera out with me when Henry and I went for our walk this afternoon, and we found some black berries. First the ones that you can eat – Henry picks his own!
Then a terrible photo – I apologise for the quality – of a shrub with really black berries. I have no idea what it is.

More Berberis berries – a much pinker colour than mine, and a different shape and texture…

… and finally, the berries that always stop me in my tracks – aren’t these Spindle berries amazing! The colour and shape must surely be unique.

I know that some of you will have purple berries and white ones too. What colours there are around us in the autumn.

Isn’t Nature amazing!

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From now I will take a good look at berries Spritz ,lovely photos I think nature is wonderful, so much beauty all around us,pity some people, dont open their eyes and see it,look at all the beauty they are missing

6 Nov, 2008


What an amazing Blog Spritz, and yes Mother Nature is a truly wonderful thing. An ever changing sight to behold

6 Nov, 2008


You have all my favourites there Spritz.. I love going round the garden looking at the berries , there are so many different kinds and such beautiful colours such a bonus after the summer flowers ,
The birds are feasting madly on them at the moment .......

6 Nov, 2008


fantastic blog Spritz, the photos of all the different types of berries are great,,

6 Nov, 2008


I've enjoyed all these photos. Blogs like this make me think of taking more notice of things.
I have a holly with yellow berries which I thought were rather disappointing because they don't seem to stand out against the variegated leaves. I'll have to take another look.

7 Nov, 2008


Loved the blog, you do have a lot of berries

7 Nov, 2008


Very interesting blog....your photos are quite nice..isn't the variety amazing?

7 Nov, 2008


Thanks for these twin blogs, the pictures are just lovely. It's made me notice more too. The footpath we go up from school nearly every day can be dull, but underfoot we have bright yellow sycamore leaves which I'm really enjoying, b4 they fade. It's such a brilliant, cheery yellow!

11 Nov, 2008


just had another look at these photos, spindle berries are fantastic, going on my wish list for next yr

18 Nov, 2008

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