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Got a nice wee garden 123 feet x 15 feet. Bit of path/drive, grass bordered by herbs, shrubs and flowers. Then a great big privet hedge that I hate, but him indoors(henceforth to be known as HID) won't let me get rid of it!!!! Then my pride and joy, the vegetable patch (tatties, onions, leeks, beetroot, turnip, peas, beans, chives, lettuces, brocolli, carrot, strawberry... Then a huge "christmas tree", which is ok as the birds nest in it and the bees and ladybirds hang out there too (with the midgies!!). Then my compost bin. then the shed. Then the "log-cabin HID is building with slabbies (see your local woodyard, cheap source of offcuts of expensive wood. When they saw trees to make planks, there are always two rounded ends, which they get rid of), and all sorts of things unwanted and found (like fallen over and left metal cooncil poles).This also has a water but (used pepsi bottle guttering, unwanted blue wheely bin with a hose in and a tap we put in at the base. Then my wee "growhouse" which will maybe one day be a greenhouse.

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