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Buying Black Labels


By siris


On Saturday, drove to the New Forest, to go to a nursery which sells black plant labels. Bought a packet of one hundred, including the scriber, and a plant that I had already enquired about. This is the plant in a bigger pot with its new label.

The labels are not very easy to scribe, it took me ages, but I should have started with something easier than:-

Abutilon megapotamicum variegatum

At this rate the labels will last forever!
Ps. I cannot put the plant in the ground because there is a bird box on the post of the fence alongside where it is to go. The Bluetits are working like mad taking food in, must be chicks in there. Tried to take a photo of the bird leaving the box, but only snapped a pair of flying feet.

This is Geranium Lovelace, which I have remove to make space for the shrub. Whilst it is pretty, it seeds itself everywhere, and has become a nuisance.

Saturday, went to a nursery recommended by Dd, with a plant sale. She said ‘Go early,
opens at 9am. At 9.12 was there, absolutely packed, selected 3 plants £7.50 the 3, back in the car by 9.20. Absolutely delighted. That’s all my month’s pm, pocket money/plant money!!!!

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I can empathise with your dilemma about letting the birds feed their young. I'm sure the nest I found on the ground and put back into a conifer is now n use. I'm dying to have a look, but don't want to disturb them.

9 May, 2015


I can hear the little birds calling for their food in our conifers and the bottom hedgerow, I try to keep the cats away whilst its nesting time, then I'm on red alert when they leave the nests.
You did well at the nursery with the plants, not sure about the labels, or should that be all the writing in that small space...

9 May, 2015


Andrew, on my side fence to the compost heap and water butts, we have the Bluetit box in use, and 2 posts along (12ft) a Robins nest in the open box.
Lincslass, Scribing the labels is a pain in the ...hand!
Ps have joined Steragrams untidy bits challenge.

10 May, 2015


So pleased you made it to the sale, we stopped on the way back and bought a plant! Then dashed to the nursery with 10 minutes to spare!! Bought two plants!! and found three at the show, so a good weekend???

10 May, 2015


Glad you had a good week-end. Do we have to wait till you put your purchases in 'plants'?

11 May, 2015


Yes afraid so......... will do a blog of the show when I can sort my pics and OHs pics out, have so many!!

16 May, 2015

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