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Today I saw my nice female Osteopath in Carlisle for some needed comfort. Roy had his first appointment as he has had a bad shoulder for ages. Guess what she asked him? “Have you had a fall recently?”

At first he said no then remembered the fall while working on the area near my little garden ’Mum’s garden’, when he slipped on the wet wooden stepping stones landing on his back and unable to get up.

Being in such a confined space he had to do quite bit of awkward manoeuvring before he could achieve it. There is a warning in this tale! Decking and wooden stepping stones can become very dangerous when wet or slippery with mould, mud, whatever. We now stick to walking on the gravel along this pathway around the lower level.

We can’t remember exactly when he did this but has been suffering a long time so hope she can get him better.

When I first went into the study this morning there were lots of baby sparrows being fed by mum. The mother only tried to jam what looks like a twig down their throats! Wish I could put a video on this site as they move so quickly one cannot focus and shoot fast enough. I guess I could try a ‘burst’ of 5 pics.
Got an empty sky too this morning while snapping swifts swooping about above the house.
I was filming through the study window in my dressing gown so must apologize for the reflections. Please don’t look too closely.
The willow trellis has collapsed under weight of the clematis montana. Have to cut it back and replace trellis.
Last pics are of Jack in his new spot under the ivy. I got the chance to say I was sorry about the nasty Swoe and rake. He took it all in his stride. Is that OK to say T t? Do you accept that frogs/toads can stride? I saw his legs fully extended as he moved along and was surprised at their length.

I have promised not to stay up late so must say farewell at the midnight hour. Well, missed it and it is past 2:00 already
Night night

Oh dear, I nearly struck my head on the keyboard as I zonked forward. Yawn!
Just got caught by Roy who is very cross with me for staying up so late. He is worried at what these late nights are doing to me. I mustn’t do it again, it isn’t fair to him. Definitely closing down now!!!


Where Roy fell and hurt his back, shoulder and pride oops side!

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Naughty Lyn (and me !) for giggling at poor Roys unfortunate tumble, just what IS it about seeing someone fall over that sends us into fits of the giggles ? :))

Lovely pictures Lyn.

23 Jun, 2009


Great pics. and, as usual, a very enjoyable blog...

... and yes, I'll allow that frogs can stride, hop, skip, jump, leap, walk, stroll, saunter, dive, swim, float, frog-paddle, dog-paddle...... no, maybe not dog paddle... :o)

23 Jun, 2009


Great pics Lyn and your dignity is saved, the reflections are not revealing :o)) Hope Roy's shoulder is O.K.

23 Jun, 2009


love the one of the sparrows on the pot edge, hope Roys shoulder gets better

23 Jun, 2009


Lovely pics Lyn. What are the red flowers?

23 Jun, 2009


You're a GoY addict Lyn. I think I warned you!
Great pics though, and I DO like Jack. He's a lovely colour.
Give my best wishes to Roy. I hope his shoulder is improving. All the best

23 Jun, 2009


I went to my Osteopath (Phil) yesterday as well Lyn for my regular 2monthly visit. As I do gardening for my job and have suffered for over 20 years with my back, I get very twisted etc and need regular visits. Did the trick, I feel a lot more supple today. I know what you meen about staying up late on GOY (addictive isn't it?) I often stay on later than I intended and then struggle to get up in the morning for work. Never mind, that's the beauty of being your own boss I suppose!!! Always used to be at my first call by 8.15 am lkast few years but not often before 9am this year!
Nice pics, particularly of the birds and Toads(I think)

23 Jun, 2009


I know how difficult it is not to look at GoY but I tend to do it in the early morning about 5. 30 onwards. I have no one to nag me you see so I can do whatever I want. I preffer it like that now. I hope Roy's shoulder is better now.

23 Jun, 2009


Lovely photo,s Lyn and yes you are naughty but nice with it so we,ll let you off, I dont get nagged because hubby leaves for work at 1am.and therefore doesn,t know when I log off.....

23 Jun, 2009


I log on as soon as I get home from work. Have to make sure I'm logged off before hubby arrives home or the face says it all! I log on later on when tea's done and dusted though.

24 Jun, 2009

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