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New Waterfall


By simbad


Last autumn we found an extra piece of garden we didn’t know we had!,after clearing suckers of a native hedge, it was on a slope near the pond so a perfect place for a waterfall!.
Its great now Rob has retired he’s getting so much done, says its harder than being at work lol,he’s quite good at the hard landscaping while I do the planting:-), here are a few pictures, still quite a bit to do pipe needs burying and still some weeding to do grass seed the path at the side and top pool needs a few rocks but its starting to look quite good :-)

And behind the top of the waterfall there’s still space left for more planting, think I’m going to have a seat at the top with a few stepping stones to get to it, exciting:-)

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That really does look fantastic progress.What a great find, such a good size peice of garden.
What about a meandering stream of pebbles or stone chips leading from seat to pond as though it's trickling into the pond.

2 Oct, 2016


Looks great.......good idea.

2 Oct, 2016


Beautiful garden Simbad, and the sound of running water will just complete it - enjoy!

2 Oct, 2016


Goodness me that looks like hard work for your is going to look fantastic, a natural slope! what more could you want!! wish I could find some extra garden, will have a reccy tomorrow and see what I can find!!

2 Oct, 2016


What a great find and waterfall. Like the idea of seating there with the sound of it.

3 Oct, 2016


looking great .....

if you need some yellow flag iris let me know I grew from seed, from a GOY member, been in a pot ever since so a handy size to plant.


3 Oct, 2016


Even the first pic looks great, gives you the idea of how it will look. What a super opportunity. Well done both.

3 Oct, 2016


Wow that looks fantastic. I love any kind of water feature. Unfortunately my own efforts failed miserably - water was cloudy and smelly and it was a breeding area for mosquitoes! Frogs like it though.

3 Oct, 2016


Oh yes, love it, I can feel how good its going to be when finished, brilliant. Does the water get pumped to the top? Gluttons for punishment with all the work, just the kind of thing we get up to. ?

4 Oct, 2016


That looks really good, so natural looking, will be even better next springtime when the planting has filled out and its gained a weathered look to the rocks, if we have another wet winter you'll probably find some moss growing on them as well, anything like that will add to the charm of it all, well done both of you...

4 Oct, 2016


Thankyou everyone for all your comments, Rob has read them and feels quite proud of himself :-)
Paul we like your idea!!never thought of that, I spent Monday digging all that area over but I'll leave it over the winter before doing a lot, it's been overgrown for so long I'm sure there'll be plenty of weeds to remove!
Thanks Lynda I did say cover it back up at first lol , I don't need anymore garden to look after but now its one of my favourite places was going to say to sit but not much sitting goes on lol.
Stera there is something very relaxing about running water isn't there ,yesterday there was a blackbird bathing in one pool a sparrow in another and a pigeon drinking from the top one so looks like the wildlife approve.
Thanks Dd he never stops !, we're having a new cedar greenhouse yaaay , not coming till January but this last week he's taken down the old one taken the aluminium in his trailer to be recycled , heaven knows how many trips to the tip with plant pots and a couple of shrubs that had to go and now he's laying the base for the new one !!
Thankyou Jen we have a reclamation yard not to far away going to see if there's a chair there I can paint and do up.
That's very kind of you Gg but I have the yellow flag iris and a nice one with a variegated leaf, but thankyou for the thought :-)
Thankyou Siris and the waterfall was actually my idea for a change,I'm not normally the one with the good ideas lol.
Aaaaaw that's a shame Ginellie our pond has been here around 13 years now,you can't see the pond in the pictures ,we have goldfish but we have seen newts too :-)
Hahaha so true Dawn, when I see rob walking round the garden with his tape measure its always a worry, now you see why the allotments going , yes the water pumps to the top from the pond it did originally only have two pools but there was liner left so thought we may as well make a longer run and it does look better with three.
Can't wait for it to mature Lincs, I bought some miniature bulbs yesterday too to give it some spring colour :-)

5 Oct, 2016


Man with tape in hand always a worry. As is chainsaw etc. You've worked so hard. Hmmm we've not had a big project for a while.

5 Oct, 2016


Oh yes the chainsaws even scarier!!, a few shrubs had overgrown a path slightly ,rather than prune and shape them Rob just went down the whole path massacring anything that got in his way! utter carnage lol , good job they grow back !
The greenhouse base is finished today though so I don't complain, he never stops !!

6 Oct, 2016


Brutal aren't they with these tools. So pleased the greenhouse base is all ready for delivery, so exciting.

9 Oct, 2016

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