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we have a large garden and pond which started of as boring old grass and horrible ground cover. We started the work about 4 years ago and have only finished lanscaping the rear of the garden. Main thing is the pond which is 6 by 4 metres and over a metre at its deepest point. We have koi carp, orf, goldfish and a sturgoen. There used to be two but one disappeared ( don't ask. Its a mystery ). The garden is niceley balanced between patio areas, lawn and shrubberies. We have a rose wall, a wisteria wall, a honeysuckle wall and a clematis wall. We have lots of garden furniture and nice place to sit and enjoy (if only we had the time) This year we intend to re-invent the front part of the garden. We are still working on ideas for this. Apart from the garden we have grown up children and we have six grandchildren. I am a school teacher and my husband is a civil servant. We love to travel and although we have been many places in the world, we particularly love Tunisa I love their moorish style gardens and courtyards
We enjoy collecting rare trains. We have talked about setting up a G- guage train to run through our garden but that is in the future after everything else is done.

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