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Haven’t been on for a few days as i have had problems with my shoulder don’t know what i’ve done but when on the computer it hurt like h**l so kept off for a few days, in the meantime hubby has had 2 weeks off we were going to go away for a few days but our daughter has been quite poorly with a nasty virus (not swine flu) so we’ve stayed at home and of course i had a list of D.I.Y., as long as hubbys arm! we have done quite a lot really and one of the things was i wanted to sort out my shed, anyway he got a tool rack and put that up, the old computer desk went in so i can pot up a few things in there and the compost bags. Grandaughters little trolley goes in there, and my garden chairs. Surprising how much you can get in a little shed!!

Well its tidy for the moment LOL!!

This is the border i dug recently next to the shed its a continuation of the long border (what i call the long border don’t think stately home long border LOL!) the Teasels are getting rather large, didn’t realise they would get that big! the rest are perennial poppies which i’m hoping next year will be lovely, a Delphinium called ‘Guinevere’ and a Helenium ‘Masquerade’ and a Coreopsis called ‘LImerock Passion’, bought a few weeks ago didn’t expect as many flowers as they have put on but i guess all the rain has helped.
At the back of this bit of border there is a begonia flowering, now where this came from i have no idea, although when i thought about it i used to empty baskets etc., onto a small compost heap so maybe it survived from there? if so it survived the harsh winter too must have been well covered,

Lovely isn’t it? wonder if i could move it when it dies down, i don’’t want to kill it though.
We also got the kitchen finished decorated, and before daughter got ill we were going to do her room got all the paper and paint but she’s still not right so it’ll have to wait, hubby back at work on Monday so it’ll be me and her doing it i think!
Happy Gardening!!

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No wonder you've a bad shoulder after all that you've been doing recently. Anything that keeps you off GoY is definitely serious so don't get too carried away with the decorating. The shed looks great, how long will it stay that tidy and clean? Your begonia is obviously a toughie as well as being beautiful and I'm sure you could lift the corm when it dies down and keep it in your new shed over the winter. Then either pot it up or plant straight outside in the spring. I prefer to start them off in pots, then you know where they are!

14 Aug, 2009


hope you are better soon. xx

14 Aug, 2009


Should be no problem lifting your Begonia,the leaves will start to drop off as the weather cools, the roots will at that point still be live,put a spade under it and take it out of the ground with some of the fibrous roots put it in a pot fill in around with dry peat leave in an airy place to dry off, then keep it frost free untill next march, give it a good clean up remove the dead roots watch you dont break any new shoots, the concave side is the top dont give to much water till it starts to make new roots otherwise they can rot.
Progation you cut it the same as a potato each peice haveing an eye or shute starting to develop ,dust the cut with green sulpher allow to dry for a few days then start into growth.
PS they are not very hardy in the UK

14 Aug, 2009


Sorry to hear about your painful shoulder, Skilla. That shed is a work of art!! lol. I don't have enough energy to clear mine how you did, I really don't know!

That's a lovely begonia you found - a real bonus!

14 Aug, 2009


Sorry you have poorly shoulder hope you feel well soon.

14 Aug, 2009


Sorry about your shoulder SK, I know how you feel. Do you fancy coming round and doing my shed? ? ? :~))

14 Aug, 2009


Thanks folks for all your sympathy, and Bis for the info on the Begonia i know they are not hardy in this country, don't know how it survived although as i say it was an old compost heap so it maybe got protected.
And Ian.. I'll pass thanks anyway LOL

14 Aug, 2009


Don't overdo it Pat. Take it gently.
All the best, Hywel

14 Aug, 2009


Your shed looks so tidy, I need to sort out my potting shed, its been put on the back burner because sooo much going on in the garden. Sounds like you strained your shoulder, hope it feels better.

15 Aug, 2009

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