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Rainy day


Been out today to try and dig over the end bit of the long border that was grass but i can’t get the lawn mower over it so decided to extend the border a bit so i don’t have to mow, well i started off ok, hubby had already cut into chunks for me and the grass was dead so should be easy to dig up, i got about 4 bits dug up and broke up the soil underneath, to say we have had a lot of rain lately the ground underneath the top layer is very dry. Just got going and the heavens opened so back into the house, 10 mins later lovely sunshine, off out again, got another 2 bits dug up yep you guessed it heavens opened very heavy rain so have given up for today (chicken i hear you cry!) now have realised i have left my collapsable garden bag out there with the bits of dead grass in so i guess by now i have another pond LOL! will have to dash out in a bit and chuck it into the shed after emptying it first of course!
Daughter just got back from day in Peak District, Castleton, worn out as she’d climbed ‘Mountains’ actually mum! LOL was a trip connected to her Geography coursework

Everything is in flower with Asters still to come, roses are over now except some shrub ones that i planted this year, my garden is at its best in Spring though and i must get some later flowering plants. I am wondering what to plant in the bit i’ve just dug over, I have some Perennial Poppies given by my friend but am not sure its sunny enough for them there, will have to have a think its near a very young cherry tree and the shed.
On another subject where are all the Butterflies this year? I have not seen hardly any yet or am i a bit early? Seen a Red Admiral (pic on my photos) but no Peacocks or Painted Ladies etc., is it a bad year for them or what?
Ah well its stopped raining again so i’m off to rescue my collapsible bag before the frogs move in!!!
Happy Gardening

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You're right that the ground is hard.
Even when it rains and dampens the top part, the soil below is still parched....
I love this hills pic.
I put it on my favourites.
Please congratulate your daughter on taking such a wonderful photo :o)

9 Jul, 2009


It is a goodie isn't it Terra. And exactally what has happened to me today SK. everytime I went out to do anything I got soaked, and Carol just laughed at me. :~((

9 Jul, 2009


Me too,seems to be the theme around here-dashing in and out trying to get little jobs done.
Love the photo ,can just see Peveril Castle to the left,one of my favourite places to scramble around since childhood.Still do given half the chance lol.
No butterflies here to speak of,plenty of bees though :)

9 Jul, 2009


I think the rain was doing you a favour. Dig a bit and uncover dry soil...rains....have a rest and soil gets wet.....dig a bit more etc..! No getting worn out and plenty of tea breaks but frustrating all the same when you just want to get on! Your daughters photo is great, how about some of your 'project'?
Ian, instead of laughing she could have come out and held the umbrella over you while you worked!

9 Jul, 2009


Yes you people had it lucky being able to escape inside LOL. I helped at grandaughters 7th birthday party for 9 kids and we had hoped to spend it in garden but yes Sewinkilla the rain in our town was heshing down which resulted in having to entertain all this lively youth in daughter's house. Amy did enjoy her birthday though so as I sit back and relax now I know it was worth it! Tomorrow I will relax in garden as I inspect the rain damage. Your daughter did bring lovely views back.

9 Jul, 2009

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