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Wind again


Well another VERY windy day, knocked a pot of lillies over had to rescue it and top the compost up, i hate the wind as i think i have already said it really affects my ears very dizzy and off balance today bit upset as i was supposed to be having Rian my grandaughter, she was at her other Grandmas and i had to ring and say i couldn’t have her, its her birthday on Thursday she will be 4, anyway she is going back to mummy and daddy tomorrow but Grandpa is calling in with her so i can give her her birthday present. Managed this after noon to bake some choc buns for her party.
I had to move a Clematis thats waiting to be planted as the wind was going to take the top off and its got a couple of buds on,

The Lillies are looking well, getting a bit tall!! I am so pleased with the Thunbergia (black eyed susan) its looking really well with lots of buds to come.

the white Foxglove is really tall! Grew these last year from seed, picure of Rians buns, got a bit of Cochineal on a couple didn’t notice till i saw this photo, and lastly a picture of the garden after cutting the grass on Sunday.

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Nice healthy looking plants ....and cakes :-) yum. I have four young clematis in pots, wont be able to plant out until next year, another freebie from Thompson and Morgan, courtesy of Amateur Gardening :-) My black eyed susan didnt work out last year, didnt even germinate. Ive stuck to good ole sweet peas, they are starting to take off now. Enjoy

26 May, 2009


Very very windy here too, it's getting to be the norm :(:(

Which Clematis is it that's waiting to be planted Sewingkilla?

I bought Niobe today and it's going to climb up my new obelisk :)

26 May, 2009


I also hate the wind, it knocked over one of my fruit trees today so i gave them a good watering for some weight, then went Plant shopping :) Those cakes Sewingkilla Mmmm..

26 May, 2009


Sorry to hear you're having a bad day, Sewingkilla. Love your cupcakes! Rian will love them.
Never seen a Thunbergia before, our Black-eyed Susans here are part of the daisy family:
Thanks for providing the Latin name, I'd never have known what it was.

26 May, 2009


I don't like the wind either. It blows everything about. We've had a lot the past few days.
I like your Thunbergia. I forgot to sew them this year.
I bet Rian will enjoy your buns. Pity you couldn't have her with you. I hope you'll feel better today.

27 May, 2009


Nor me..... living by the sea we get plenty of it.... hope your feeling better today.....your cakes look scrumptious....Happy Birthday Rian.....

27 May, 2009


Louise the Clematis is Mrs.Chomondley (think thats spelt right!) Not as bad today and the weather forcast for weekend looks better fingers crossed!

27 May, 2009


your plants and cakes look lovely! Been so wet and windy but I think the forecast is good for the rest of the week and weekend in Somerset so we can hopefully get out into the garden a bit more

27 May, 2009


Well done for making the cakes! Plants look lovely! Your clematis is a lot bigger than mine, lol!

4 Jun, 2009

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