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Frustrating weather!


Well what weather we are having! I woke up this morning to brilliant sunshine, half an hour later it was bucketing it down!! Daughter had gone riding hubby was watching the motorbike racing so i decided as i couldn’t get out i’d do some surfing!!
After deciding i would like to sort the front of the house out which is a mess, no it is honestly, the driveway is awful but we can’t afford to do it (last quote was for £4,000!!) I am going to spruce it up a bit, there is some trellis at the front door but with nothing growing up it as the house faces north i have done some research as to what will grow there (on here and on the internet) have decided on a Climbing Hydrangea, it will have to be in a pot until we can do something with the drive, I have ordered one from J.Parker for £5.95 (the people on here who know me will be laughing see last blog!!!) came to £9,90 with postage but apparently i get a free Ceanothus!!! The other side of the door is a box in in pot had it quite a few years, but its healthy and i do keep it trimmed so that can stay.
The front is bordered with a golden and green privet hedge (my husband hates it) its been there since the house was built in 1938! It will stay though, in front of that is a border which is the bane of my life it seems to take more doing than the whole of the back garden!! Its been taken over with grape hyacinth and a weed with large leaves (don’t know what it is), i keep pulling it up and up it pops again!! So it needs digging out and starting again, the bronze grass in there is flattened as the cats love to jump and lay on it! so i’m digging that up and splitting it, there is also a very nice Hosta but its been nibbled by snails and slugs so will dig that up too and put into a pot easier to keep an eye on.
Just the thought of all this work is making me tired LOL, so watch this space and wish me luck!!

See what i mean!!

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keep at it .one day it will be just as you want it good luck

17 May, 2009


I for one am laughing,think your weather sounds as good as ours which is a shame because its race for life day and also a craft fair in our town,we cant win at moment Sk so I,m like you I,ve watered greenhouses and the rest is on here and in my head.........LOL.

17 May, 2009


Same here....... had an awful downpour this morning... then lovely blue skies and sunny.... now its raining again...... just when i wanted to go out in the front garden faces north as well................i dont grow much out the front we have to many cats round here and they poo all over the front garden..........

17 May, 2009


know what you mean. hung washing out in the sun. by the time bacon was cooked it was overcast and by the time it was eaten it was raining. pottered in the greenhouse and then housework:o(

17 May, 2009


Still very windy and heavy showers here today. That's 3 days on the trot now. It has stopped me from going to work today, I should be on a coastal market, but it is held on a field so will be muddy and the wind off the sea would be impossible to keep a stall up in!
So I can catch up on GOY without feeling guilty. :-)

18 May, 2009

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