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Back pain


Well after a restless night i got up this morning and the back certainly feels a little easier, pain makes you so tired though plus of course the constant waking in the night! I can get up off the chair today though without ‘climbing’ my walking stick, still not quite upright but its getting easier, ibuprofen has helped i think. Going to try and have a walk up the garden tomorrow got to keep moving, friend brought me round a bag of frozen peas as i only had sprouts LOL and thought they might be a bit hard and lumpy!! thats helped to, 20 minutes on the back then take them off and back in the freezer! Must remember not to eat them LOL
I had a delivery from Amazon too which has kept me entertained, Alys Fowler book ‘the thrifty gardener’, its very good i don’t know if i’m not in the garden i’m reading about it!! I also ordered Taylors Clematis catalogue ( Lovely pictures so i can choose a plant, they charge £9.95 p and p though which (sorry Taylors) i thought was a bit steep, although their plants are big plants 2-3 litre pots with 3’ canes and its a next day delivery, they also sell other climbers. I spent a happy hour (well nearly happy apart from the pain!!) looking through their catalogue and marking the ones i would like and the ones i already have.
there was also a catalogue from J.Parker ( they always have some bargains so that kept me going for a bit too.
Well time for more pain killers, then a cuppa i think from someone sat not very far away ahem! I am smiling sweetly at him and got a sigh and a what do you want….LOL!
Watch your backs people!!!

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Hi Skilla ~
You are being very brave...
I hope the pain eases soon and you can do more gardening.
I had the J. Parker catalogue ~ not looked at it yet ~
too busy fixing featherboard strips together. Lol.

17 Apr, 2009


Pleased its getting easier Sk, keep up the resting bit and browse those catalogues............

17 Apr, 2009


glad you are finding it a little better. Yes I got a Parkers catalogue today. hateful thing, made me spend some money on plants i didnt really want, oh ok i did want them oh alright I really did want them. I went for the hosta 'fire and ice', phygelius collection and the climbing fuchsia. i get a freebie too apparently.

you take it steady going up the garden path tomorrow mind. hope you have a better night's sleep.

17 Apr, 2009


Poor you :-(

Have you tried dicophlenac sodium aka Voltarol? It used to only be available on prescription but you can get it over the counter now. It's an antiinflammatory that has helped me through many a cricked neck... makes ibuprofen feel as effective as a smartie!

17 Apr, 2009


I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, SK and hope the improvement continues over the weekend. At least the weather is looking better and hopefully the warmer weather will help too. Anybody know why Parker's photos are always so vivid and unrealistic, their plants are ok so why do the 'con job'? They can really disappoint newby gardeners.

17 Apr, 2009


Oh dear - backs are so difficult. BTW, did you know that you can buy a pack that will go in the freezer OR the microwave so if you got two, you could alternate, which is meant to help. It would also save on the cost of frozen peas! (small lol). xx

17 Apr, 2009


Glad you are getting better SK I wonder how meny of us will be suffering this summer with our backs?

17 Apr, 2009


Sorry to hear of your back pain SK, I had to stop digging a couple of times because i couldnt straighten up, i think we have to know when to stop (easier said than doneI know) Hope your feeling better tomorrow X .. Oh by the way im reading the J parker catalogue too, some nice plants and bargains as well...

17 Apr, 2009


I'm glad you are feeling a little better today SK. Keep moving but don't do too much.
If you have a hot water bottle or something, it might help to alternate the frozen peas with heat.....20 minutes cold and 20 minutes hot. That's what I did with my back last time it went out. Seemed to help and relax the muscles.
Hope you feel even better tomorrow. :o)

18 Apr, 2009


Glad you're slowly on the mend :o)

18 Apr, 2009

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