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Before and after the beginning of the frost.


Towards the end of last week when the weather brightened up and was still mild I decided to make a start on tidying the front garden in prep for Victoria’s wedding next April.

The little strip by the drive still had annuals in it though they were looking very tired. I cleared those away and noticed Iris reticulata poking through.

The Ophiopogon are clearly spreading and doing well.

The weather started closing in and I took the chance to take a photo of the yellow tree peony’s leaves and seeds.

It then started to rain so I ended back indoors.

Then the weather cooled a bit, in fact a big bit. Overnight last night it was -7C.
The upside has been the amazing hoar frost on many plants.
A few of my favourite ones.


Cosmos that looked lovely before the frost


Woodwardia fern, peeking over the wall.

Skimmia ‘Kew Green’

Lots of pots of plants are frozen solid, even in the greenhouse. I suspect the pelargoniums have lost the battle but easy enough to replace and none were particularly special.

Hope you are all staying warm and happy despite the weather.

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The frost photos are SO beautiful but we all know how sad so many plants will look in a few day’s time. Hopefully most will recover.
Those later photos are stunning.

14 Dec, 2022


Yes, great photos of the frosted leaves.

14 Dec, 2022


You plants must have suffered with -7 frost, luckily the lowest temp we have had so far is -02, the Salvias are looking sad, but I will not trim off the stems till the spring. I particularly like the pic of the frost on the Holly.

14 Dec, 2022


They look magical Seaburn with their frosty covering, amazingly despite our temps being the same as yours, I still had some flowers open today, first thing I thought they had succumbed, by noon they were smiling for me....

14 Dec, 2022


Thank you for all your comments. The air temp hasn't got above -1C during the day so no flowers able to bounce back. But most of the plants I grow are hardy so we will see which casualties I have come spring.

15 Dec, 2022


At least you made a start on preparing for the wedding. No doubt you'll get other chances before April.
I hope the weather improves soon.

15 Dec, 2022


I agree with everyone, your pictures are amazing!
We only have -2 at the moment, in fact it looks like it is thawing a bit now.

15 Dec, 2022


Lovely frosty pictures. I can’ t wait to get into garden next week to see what has survived and what is thriving! Apparently here in Shropshire back up to double figures next week. Hard to believe with current temperatures being so cold.

15 Dec, 2022


It was good to see your photos of plants covered in hoar frost, SBG! It's very pretty while it lasts but we don't want it hanging around, do we?

I took a few as well but now ALL my plants are frozen like icicles! I will have lost everything on the balcony. I'm not sure that Pansies will survive either, I'd put more on the balcony this year than for some years now.

15 Dec, 2022


You've been very active, Eileen! I'm loving your frosty pics! My skimmia is actually starting to look better now than previous months. I can see it from the window! 😊
I may buy some winter bedding next week.. the garden is looking a bit may just brighten things up!

17 Dec, 2022


a lot of the frost has come and gone, just to be back every morning. Had a couple of late evenings where the temp hovered around 0C.
This morning we had rain but the temp has dropped again and there is a lot of ice forming again.

Many plants look very sad but I am hoping most will pull through.

your pansies should recover Balc as the ones in my garden did a couple of years back.

17 Dec, 2022


After the better part of 10 days with frosts, freezing fog, snow & ice last night was the first frost free!

The rise in temps from barely a degree or two above freezing for days on end to 13C today was well received - even if it did mean that I had to throw away all the frozen plants on the balcony. 😒

19 Dec, 2022


I've not thrown any away yet as I know some will recover. Even some of the violas have perked up a bit. I will give them a light time in a day or two and then take it from there. I will bring the dahlia pots into the greenhouse and leave them to dry out. They may not recover but hey-ho, new ones to try next year.

19 Dec, 2022


The plants I've thrown away are Geraniums & pelargoniums which I know will never recover from being frozen solid for days on end. Still not all is lost as I still have a few more plants in the kitchen & bedroom window sills as well as those that survived in the mini-greenhouse. πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ˜€

The Pansies look alright but I was worried I'd lose them as their leaves were frozen solid for several days.

21 Dec, 2022

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