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Rest! they tell me, what a laugh!


As you know I have been in hospital and am banned from gardening for about 4 weeks. I had planned to read, sew and enjoy the autumn colours etc in my garden.

Fat chance of ‘relax and rest’ when I heard the chain saw this morning. Hubby is trimming the beech hedge that runs along the south border of our garden. Usually we work together, me holding the ladders and removing the cut branches as soon as they fall to the garden. I have even lifted special/expensive plants in the past to avoid hubby’s size 10’s flattening them.

No such luck today. The 12ft lilac is now about 5/6ft tall and just cut levelish.

I dare say it will regrow.
Under here is a very nice Daphne, just hope it will be okay without too many torn branches and go on to recover.

The hedge cutting is done about every 2 years as it is such a big job and the people who actually own it don’t do anything with it. They are really a line of beech trees as their trunks are a good 10" in diameter.

Typical view of the debris on the border.

I been called out 3 times now to tell him where I’ve hidden loppers/sacks etc. As he was the last to use them I don’t really know where they are. Oh dear.

He is shredding most of it for me as I will use it as a spring mulch next year.

This is the far end completed just another 30ft to go.

So I am a bit anxious as to what will survive but I just wish he had waited until October/November when I could have helped him and many plants had gone dormant.

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I'm glad to hear it's not just me who stands under the hedge saying stuff like 'be careful', 'don't cut too much', 'watch that plant', and lots of other 'helpful' comments. Of course my hubby only ever answers, 'what did you say???' from on top of the step ladder and with the trimmer in hand.......too late usually..........!

At least you're obviously well enough to be called upon - that is good news!

Stay well!

24 Sep, 2018


Some people are just not 'plant conscious' :)

I hope you're doing ok …

24 Sep, 2018


I am doing really well thanks. Hubby is taking me to the seaside tomorrow.

24 Sep, 2018


The hedge cutting is some serious hard work, even with today's powerful chainsaws!

Try to stay calm & relax after all nature is very forgiving & I'm sure things will turn out for the good come next spring!

You need to rest now & let your body heal itself & then you can get back out there & do what needs doing.

24 Sep, 2018


Well forget the beech hedge and just remember to take your bucket and spade tomorrow! Sometimes one needs to switch off. (Is that heresy on a gardening website?)

24 Sep, 2018


Goodness, I thought our six foot beech hedge was bad enough - they get wider as well as taller don't they. Your OH is definitely in the hero class! All those fallen branches are probably not hiding as many disasters as you fear so don't despair. Plants are pretty tough in the main.

Do enjoy your trip to the sea - its always nicer when the crowds have gone home and you can have it to yourself. I hope the weather will be as nice as its been today.

25 Sep, 2018


The beach was wonderful and after a gentle 1 hr's walk I was ready for a cuppa and a rest. in fact I had a couple of hours sleep when we got home.

Hubby did a bit more shredding this afternoon and I noticed some camellia and rose amongst it :/
A lot more light in the conservatory and garden however ;o)

25 Sep, 2018


How frustrating I know just how you feel, hope you are back to normal soon.

26 Sep, 2018


WOW, that is some hedge, I bet it makes a fantastic windbreak, glad you're feeling a lot better, Derek.

26 Sep, 2018


Thanks Drc. It only seems to funnel the easterlies / westerlies Derek. on the other side there is a long drive way and then an 8ft wall of the neighbouring old houses and the old vicarage.

26 Sep, 2018


Don't worry too much, I'm sure things will recover. My OH doesn't usually 'help' in the garden as he too has size 10 feet and tends to be a bit heavy footed...if you get my meaning. Nature is very forgiving, thank goodness. Good to know you're getting out and about.

27 Sep, 2018


Oh! Dear! You have a husband like mine, I wanted to wait till the leaves had fallen off my Fig Tree but no he had to do it now, luckily there isn't planting he can tread on as this is my rough erea surrounding the Summerhouse, I put things that have Finished growing in pots & other bits & pieces out the way till I need them :o)), my hubby has size 8 foot but will often tread all over my plants crushing the death out of um, Oh! I do scream at him, watch where you're putting your Plates of Meat but as he isn't into gardening he's not careful, I en-liken him to a Bull in a China Shop LOL Grrrr!
So I know what you are going through.
I hope you will soon be fit enough to get on with all the garden chores be for he wrecks the garden LOL.
Take Care & Don't do anything till you get the ok to go ahead & take things a step at the time, your garden will still perk up & you can have a good go at it next year.
xx Jackie xx

28 Sep, 2018


Glad you enjoyed your little sojourn to the sea-side and the snooze when you got home, I`m sure it helped on your road to good health. The garden will recover I`m sure and hubby bless him and his size 10 won`t have done any real damage.

30 Sep, 2018


I am getting a bit of cabin fever as I still cant drive. well not strictly true I can drive but cant do an emergency stop and that is the important step I need to take.

Hubby took me to our daughter's in Leeds for the afternoon, that was lovely. Just did some more quilting this morning for my other girl's 21st b'day on the 16th of next month.

I have enjoyed watching the fish. they haven't half grown in the last year.

30 Sep, 2018

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