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I will be 'missing' for a short while.


No I am not going on holiday, mores the pity.
I, like many others I am off to hospital on the 18th. I have an ovarian cyst, apparently benign, bigger than a grapefruit now and I have been waiting to have it out since November. The winter pressures meant no ops were being done, lots of people had ops cancelled and they have cleared the back log and now its my turn.
I know I will be in for at least one night but depending on whether it is keyhole [can you get a grapefruit through a key hole?]or not it may be 5-7 nights. Then no digging etc for about 6 weeks :o(

So today I am going to have a selfish day as it is my 60th birthday and my eldest girl is coming over with her lovely boyfriend. My youngest cant get up from Wales as she is on a Bat walk tonight at one of the nature reserves she is working at.

I still feel 23yrs old in my head. How old do you feel despite the actual passing of the number of summers you have had?

I will catch up on reading, hand sewing and knitting but I wont be able to sit at the machine for a few weeks. Also no motor bike rides but tomorrow OH is taking me a ride weather permitting. Went out on the Triumph yesterday and got absolutely soaked. Strangely exhilarating but I was glad of a hot chocolate when we got back.

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Glad to hear you are now top of the list to have your op. It would need to be a mighty big keyhole lol. Many Happy Returns. It is not the number that counts it is your outlook. I hope the weather stays dry today and you get to go out and enjoy the wind in your hair. You know what I mean even though you have to wear a helmet nowadays. I have never liked motorbikes but I used to cycle miles. Best wishes for a lovely day with your family and for a speedy return home after the op.
I still feel on the brink of being 21. My OH's granny died the night before my birthday so we spent it visiting her. She was laid out in the front room in her coffin and it was the done thing to visit the family and do your share of serving teas, baking and making sandwiches and listening to her friends and family reminiscing about her life. It rarely happens like that now. Being out in the garden in all weathers reminds me of my cycling days.

15 Sep, 2018


Glad you are getting your operation soon. Pity it wasn't a bit earlier so that you could have sat and relaxed in your garden afterwards.
Well, I am sixty-six soon. I don't feel old and I keep myself fit working in the garden. I also think my art background keeps my mind young. I think spending time with young people is good and prevents us talking about medication at dinner parties. :o)

15 Sep, 2018


I do hope this goes ahead for you so that you can get on with things. best wishes Denise.

15 Sep, 2018


Hello Eileen Hope everything goes well for you. Look after yourself post op no gardening etc.

15 Sep, 2018


Well hope you are having a happy birthday today with your daughter and boyfriend. We'll all be cheering you on on the 18th and sending you all the best for a speedy recovery, where you can sit around being waited on and looked after for a change! 60 years young is a good time for a new beginning. Things are a bit grim when you have to wait so long for an op but never mind, its here now and will soon be in the past...

How old do I feel? Well until this past 18 months or so a lot younger than I am, but at 78 fear its beginning to catch up with me...

15 Sep, 2018


60? I could be your Mum!! :O)

So, do as I tell you, and enjoy your (forced) respite!

15 Sep, 2018


Thank you for all your kind words.
I've had a lovely day out at the seaside in Bridlington. we had fish and chips on the harbour wall, ignoring the herring gulls. We then had a lovely wander around the town before coming back for a lovely cup of coffee.
daughter is sorting out a light tea for later. OH is in the garage tinkering with a bike hopefully for a ride tomorrow weather permitting.

15 Sep, 2018


Happy Birthday! Glad you've had a lovely day and all best wishes for your op. I'm a couple of years behind you at 58, but I feel about 20 but with far more confidence, less worry, and a real, live every day to the limit attitude.

We don't have family apart from our two puddies, been married over 40 years, but we still do exactly what we used to, go to music concerts, modern rowdy ones, with all the young folk, go to football matches, holidays on the beach, and it seriously does keep us young minded.

We eat better than we ever have, live better than we ever have and I'm looking forward to the next 40 years!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend, whatever you get to do!

15 Sep, 2018


Glad you have had a lovely Birthday day Eileen,and I'm sure your op will go well on the have the right attitude,that's for sure,and at 60,you are a mere youngster compared to a lot of us,but it's definitely how you live your life,as some think and act old at 40 !Keep smiling ,and I could be your mum too,as I'll be the same age as Stera soon....but it's only a number...I hope you are able to have your bike ride tomorrow...hell's Angel ?? go for it girl... lol x

15 Sep, 2018


Many happy returns for your birthday. I've had a few more than you lol but like you I still feel 23. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see a total stranger looking back at me !

Good luck with your surgery. I hope you won't have to stay in hospital long. I'm glad you're able to have it done now. You can look forward to next spring and summer in the garden :)

Have a nice bike ride …

16 Sep, 2018


Belated birthday greetings Sbg, I hope you enjoyed the day, same date as my daughter (36 yesterday).

You've had a long wait for your op., hope you won't be in hospital for too long. Take care and take it easy post-op!

I was 65 a couple of weeks ago and recall, in my 30's, thinking how dreadful it would be at that age! It really doesn't feel bad at all! ... :o))

16 Sep, 2018


Send you best wishes for a speedy recovery my advice to anyone who as an op do as the doctor says and don’t run before you can walk πŸ™‚ πŸ’

16 Sep, 2018


Thank goodness you are getting that sorted at last! We will all be thinking of you. It will take as long as it takes to heal. Allow yourself the time. Lots of love to you. X

16 Sep, 2018


I hope you had a wonderful day and that all goes ok for you. Sorry but I keep getting an image of a grapefruit and a keyhole and it did make me laugh. Take it easy.

16 Sep, 2018


Happy birthday, best wishes :-)

16 Sep, 2018


Wishing you a belated happy birthday Eileen, I was 70 on 24th June, my daughter gave me a comical card which said, 70 is just a number, it might not be a number you can count up to, but is still a number !!, how old do I feel, round about 30 most of the time, except when my arthritic spine starts up, then I feel about 90.
Wishing you all the best for a short stay in hospital, and a swift return to full health, Derek.

16 Sep, 2018


I get an image of a tudor sized keyhole thankfully rather than a Yale type so lets hope the surgeon has an interest in history too.

2 of my brothers sent 'cheeky' cards one re being like a computer, less memory etc. and the other celebrating things that go together like salt and pepper.

we had a great day out on one of the bikes and that will probably be the last for me this year. Unless we have a dry mild winter that is.

I cant tell you how much all your good wishes mean. Thank you.

16 Sep, 2018


All the best Seaburn, I was thinking of you today when I was in the wood and looking forward to next year's Symphytum and Cardamine display, happy birthday x

16 Sep, 2018


Hope that everything goes well on the 18th - you have had such a long wait for this operation.
I also hope that you really enjoyed your birthday and were thoroughly spoilt. I know I am a little bit late but may I also wish you a Happy Birthday and say please get well soon. πŸ’πŸ’

17 Sep, 2018


Belated Birthday wishes to you, wishing you a successful operation and a speedy recovery, enjoy your rest, and I am sure you will be as fit as a flea in no time at are a mere chicken compared to some of us on here!!

17 Sep, 2018


I sure do hope you had a lovely 60th Birthday.
I hope all goes well for your operation & you'll soon be back home, have a good rest & get ovar it quickly I incyst you do, sorry for the joke but couldn't re-cyst it :o)).
Take Care
Jackie xx

18 Sep, 2018


Sorry, I'm late seeing this. Hope all went well with your op and it was a key hole and by the time you read this are recovering. Take care of yourself and hope to see you back on here soon. X

20 Sep, 2018


Hope all went well with the op. I bet you will feel much better with that thing out of the way. Rest up & give yourself time to recover, then off you go again. We are as young/old as we feel.

21 Sep, 2018


I am back home after successful large keyhole surgery. I was in 4 nights as my blood pressure kept falling to my boots and they didn't know why. still don't but it has settled back at a suitable level so I was let out yesterday.

can I just say a big thank you to all of you for your kind words and best wishes.

22 Sep, 2018


Sgb, that's good to hear that the surgery was successful. Now you need to learn to relax for a while ... here's wishing you a stress free recovery.

22 Sep, 2018


Glad to hear all is well, take it steady, even though it is keyhole it is still a major op......and you need to recover slowly, all the very best.

22 Sep, 2018


Wonderful news Sbg. Now the healing can really begin. Let the family spoil you.

22 Sep, 2018


Hi Eileen, so glad it went well for you, so now you've got the worrying bit over, you can concentrate on the relaxing bit, so take it easy, and let your family mollycoddle you a bit, wishing you a swift return to full health, Derek.

23 Sep, 2018


Yes I know I have internal healing to do and that will take about 4 weeks but I don't think hubby understands about gardeners and taking a rest. he is hedge cutting and I know he will be standing on gems that he doesn't realise are there. so resting is anxious and I am not going to go out and say anything as he wont appreciate it. the hedge will be good when he's done though.
thank you for all your good wishes.

24 Sep, 2018


Sorry for not having sent you best wishes for your birthday or for your operation as I've only just now sen this blog.

Nevertheless I'm glad for you that you had a lovely birthday & that your operation was concluded satisfactory. Wishing you a speedy recover now as you heal from the intervention!

24 Sep, 2018

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