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last day of August [2]


If you can bare to look at yet more photos of flowers in my garden yesterday.
Kalmeria incisa, a lovely daisy flower. but when happy can ‘run’.

Lost the name of this persicaria, sure it is usually redder than this but it’s still a good doer.

Agastache, Knautia, Eryngium etc

Erodium maderense a lovely plant that so far has been fully hardy.

Side drive border with verbena and escholzia.

A new to me Rudbeckia Henry Elliers

climbing rose Iceberg

Rose Zephrine Drouhine

Roscoea purpurea doing well.

still cant resist sowing these lovely little things. these started me off loving the garden when I was 5.

A, so far, rust free hollyhock

A different form of Stokesia laevis ‘silver moon’.

I have several patches of cyclamen but they will come in a different blog.

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I could smell that Rose, I really could !

1 Sep, 2017


Oh the Virginia stocks took me right back. I grew them too when I was very small - you never forget do you?
Your front border is pretty. You don't often see white (can't spell it) Californian poppies but I love them. There's something about the simple old fashioned flowers.

1 Sep, 2017


Both roses have a scent but Zeph is particularly good.
Stera, the seed pack was saying they were red [tomato red] but they are pale cream. at first I was disappointed but I actually like them. I knew they weren't red before I planted them out. so it didn't mess with my planting. they were to go in the hot bed.

2 Sep, 2017


They are all lovely but your drive border is stunning, the colour combination just stands out so well.

2 Sep, 2017


You certainly have lots of nice plants in your garden and they're giving plenty of late summer colour :)

I've got that Persicaria too but I can't remember it's name. Yes it is usually a deeper colour.
If I find it I'll tell you.

2 Sep, 2017


Found mine, it's Persicaria amplexicaulis ... Don't know if it's the same one. I'm going by the leaves.

2 Sep, 2017


That Rudbeckia is really unusual with the spoon like end to the petals. Is the Persicaria, bistorta superba?

2 Sep, 2017


i think the persicaria might be 'firetails' or 'firefox'.

I was taken by the different flower form of the Rudbekia and that's why I went for it.

2 Sep, 2017


Looks really nice, Seaburngirl. Like the Stokesia.

2 Sep, 2017


Persicaria amplexicaulis 'firetail'

2 Sep, 2017


thanks Hywel.
the stokesia is a very pale pink/lilac. I was expecting a pure clean white. but it is lovely.

3 Sep, 2017


Wonderful blogs so many great selection of plants you have love your boarder looks gorgeous and that Hollyhock is stunning.

3 Sep, 2017


I like to see well planted borders so yes I enjoyed looking at all your flowers....

3 Sep, 2017


As I can stand (or sit!) looking at flowers all day long I love the ones you've chosen for your two blogs!

The Rudbeckia also surprised, & delighted me, with its spoon shaped petals! Really unusual!

My, you are lucky to have rust free Hollyhock! Not very many people can say that!

Like you, I also grew the Stocks when I first started out on gardening, getting on for 60 years ago! I particularly remember growing the Night Scented stock! One of my favourites - way back then! LOL! ?

4 Sep, 2017


I still do night scented stock in the border below my bedroom window.

4 Sep, 2017


I've not grown it in donkey's years!

7 Sep, 2017


fabulous, I am looking forward t sharing mine too next year. still rescuing doggies but trying t cut back a

3 Oct, 2017


A good selection of garden flowers, all doing well......just catching up with old blogs!

12 Nov, 2017

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