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The pond in early February


The pond is almost 20 years old now and there are goldfish in here that were a couple of years old when they went into this one.
This is the view from the back door facing the conservatory. This is almost facing south . The astilbes don’t get cut down as the spent flower heads look lovely frosted. They also hide the filter box once the foliage grows up. OH had made a cover for it but not sure where it has gone now.

This is looking from the conservatory and you can see my shed and the fields beyond. The shed is North/south alignment.

This is looking directly west from my kitchen.

The plants are ‘resting’ but the fish are active and feeding.
A couple of wrens forage around the pots most days. I love the various plants in the pots on the walls but OH isn’t keen on them. I have plastic pots inside the ornamental ones so I can change them regularly.
As the pond plants grow I’ll do further blogs.

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The fish are really colourful. You must find watching them therapeutic.

What plants do you have around the pond?

6 Feb, 2017


Yes I love watching the fish. Some have very distinct habits and a couple will take food from my hands. There are also 2 wild type carp in there, they'd make a good meal now as they must way over 2lb.
I also like watching the dragon flies that visit as well as the other water invertebrates.
In the pond are : yellow flag, bog bean, water soldier, acoris variegated form, lobelia cardinalis, lady's smock, 3 different water lilies.

If you mean in the pots on the wall there are Iris reticulata, crocus, hyacinths, 2 variegated Daphne, agapanthus, cyclamen coum and narcissus jet fire & tete et tete.

6 Feb, 2017


That's a lovely view from your window Sbg. Makes me wish we'd made our pond bigger! Don't the pots blow over into the water in the winter? They would here...Looking forward to seeing photos later in the year.

6 Feb, 2017


It's looking lovely! I know our garden is tiny but I wish I could see more of my pond from the big window, be lovely to sit and watch the fish from inside on a rainy day

6 Feb, 2017


The pots are heavy terracotta or stone glazed pot so they don't blow over Stera.

yes I love sitting on the pond wall if its dry but inside from the kitchen or the conservatory Dan.

6 Feb, 2017


Thats a sizeable 'body of water' :) its very nice to be able to watch the fish from inside!

6 Feb, 2017


Great size pond, with loads of fish. Do you find they get predated? Oh, to have a field behind the garden.
Good idea to have pots within pot to exchange seasonally. I too do that, also sink plastic pots in the garden and put a smaller pot into it with a seasonal plant.

7 Feb, 2017


as it is a raised pond we don't get herons as their method of fishing is to wade in to the water. We often see them overhead as there are some ponds about 2 miles away.
the only real 'pest' is a local cat that sits on the wall.
last spring a herring gull picked one goldfish out but when it saw us at the window it flew off and dropped the fish. she'd been stabbed but I put her back in and she is still alive and apart from a scar without scales she has recovered.

It gets a thorough cleaning usually every 3 or so years. Daughter and I did it last year. I did a blog on it.

I also sink pots in the ground mainly lilies and gladioli then replaced by dahlias. its easier when they need lifting for the winter protection.

7 Feb, 2017


it is a good size pond and whenever you show it always seems in excellent health.
I Recon Dan would give his right arm for that one.

7 Feb, 2017


It's a great one! Might have to take some inspiration for my next pond!!

7 Feb, 2017


Apart from naturally greening up April time, which we just ignore, we don't do anything to it other than topping up if it drops more than 6" due to evaporation.

we get allsorts of critters visiting it.

7 Feb, 2017


My word that is a large pond, we used to have a larger pond with fish unfortunately the local cats and the heron soon saw them off hence the barrel!! I agree with Siris oh to have fields behind instead of houses....I like the idea of pots within a pot, now what didn't we think of that lol

7 Feb, 2017


What a great pond. So much to see and do.

7 Feb, 2017


Going to look at your pond cleaning blog, as it's another miserable day.

8 Feb, 2017


I cant have done a blog on the actual clear up as there is an update in 2015. There is a photo showing the very clean pond the day the fish went back in, October 30th 2015.
there was the pond update blog but none of the actual mess, though I know I took loads of pictures.

8 Feb, 2017


I did look thro' your blogs to the beginning, didn't find, but enjoyed reading a selection, thanks.

9 Feb, 2017

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