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Mum has let me lose on here to write a blog on my experience of Harrogate Spring Fair.
First off, I’m 15 and havent been interested in plants really. Sometimes I’d help sow big seeds then soon lose interest in what they were doing. So why did I go with her on Sunday? Dad suggested I went or he would take me on a bike ride. Not keen on his bike rides. says things like its only 5miles then after 6miles he says we are half way…….. Then I get told off for being a stroppy teenager.

I struggled out of bed at 7.30 and dozed on the way there. Mum was really looking forward to this day so I decided I had better put a smile on my face. All I wanted was a long lie in.

First thing on getting there was to look at all the stalls before buying. Mum’s idea, look first then go back and if the plant is still there it was meant to be. One of the first stalls had african wooden carved animals and I really liked a tall giraffe but at £10 mum sucked through her teeth. Code for expensive but mebee.

I was very impressed with the display stands especially the cacti, sweat peas and the lilies.

I saw a red and black one called lily allen. Mum says she might get me some next year.

I was primed by mum : ask “what soil does it like not will it grow in chalky soils” I soon found out why.
I was lied too. One stall holder said ’ oh any garden soil" I asked what does erikasus[?]mean as it was on the label. He said it was posh for normal soil. I didn’t buy the plant as a lady told him off for fibbing to me. Mum was very cross too.

I managed to wheedle an indoor plant too but I will have to look after it as well as hers. I forgot to write their names down so I am in the dog house a little bit.

After about 4 hours we went to Harlow Carr for a walk round and to buy some more plants. At least they are cheaper than shoes and handbags haha. I chose this one for mum’s cactus planter.

This is me in Harlow Carr.

And I also got my giraffe as it was still waiting to find a new home as we walked out of the Fair. Yes mum it was meant to be.

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Well done SBG daughter on your blog looks as if you enjoyed your day.

The plant after your lilies photo is a Ginger I saw these in Singpore Gardens by the bay and botanical gardens when on holiday this year.

Nice Girrafe:)

Nice choice thrift it will bloom for along time.

Thank you for sharing.

30 Apr, 2013


I knew that giraffe was going to be cute! Good tip about asking which kind of soil. I'll need to remember that one.
I'm glad you enjoyed your day. Lily Allen is gorgeous. Fingers crossed your mum gets it for you :)

30 Apr, 2013


LOL Seaburngirls lovely daughter, will be putting mum out of a job with your sharpe wit and story telling blogs haha, looked like a great day and much better than bike rides, also better than laying in bed, just think you wouldnt have got that lovely giraffe :o))

30 Apr, 2013


thats a great blog ~ i loved it ~ made me laugh!! ask your mum if you can write some more blogs [when you have the time]!!!

love that giraffe too ~ has he got a name?

30 Apr, 2013


I enjoyed this and think that you had fun doing it too! I also think that you may even have enjoyed the spring fair......well just a litle bit anyway!

Lie-ins are nice too though aren't they?!

30 Apr, 2013


Great blog! I am shocked by that dishonest stallholder. But you didn't fall for it. Nice giraffe!

30 Apr, 2013


Wow what a good girl you are going along with mum to what could have been for you a boring day out !but no I think your really enjoyed it lol and to come home with that fab giraffe , I hope mum gets those Lily Allen ,s next year they really live up to her name and personality .

30 Apr, 2013


Clever girl ! Although as a lifelong cyclist there is much to be enjoyed these days on 2 wheels if your dad chooses routes on the quiet country roads. Its a way of finding new friends too. You will always come home feeling better and be ready to enjoy a good meal.
Gardening is a natural progression from cycling.

30 Apr, 2013


The young lady writes a thumping good blog!

1 May, 2013


Hi it is me. Yes Victoria is a good teller of tales. She has her dad's wit and flair ; some might say sarcasm. She'll be delighted with the comments.
Dianebulley: he does all minor countryside routes when we go out, but he does tend to undersell distances and consequently we end up coming home saddle sore [despite gel saddles, padded pants etc.]. He needs to learn that just coz he can spend all day in the saddle [edinburgh to hull down the coast road last year in 5 days] the rest of us dont. :o)

She really did enjoy herself as the smile on the photo isnt strained, a genuine smile.

She has potted up her arisemia bulbs.
I think the indoor plants are all in the bromeliad family.

Did you notice the trio of giraffes above the big one? Her bedroom is an Africa themed one.

I'll show her this when she gets in from school tonight.

1 May, 2013


I have had the saddle sore problem since I put on weight, as the body changes shape without us realising it.
Am Nordic Walking now.

1 May, 2013


Professional cyclists rub Vaseline well into their 'saddle'
areas to prevent saddle soreness.

To train OH proceed as follows. Get the Ordnance Survey 1:50.000 Map of your area on loan from Public Library - I think its No.88 or 93, check on the back of another map for the correct number.
Appoint your daughter 'official Route Finder' .
Ask OH the name of the village he will be riding to.
When he is in the bath, open the map out on table.
Trace the route on roads from your address to this village himself is aiming for, and the route back.
Get a reel of black cotton.
Put the end on your address, carefully place the cotton along the route to the village and back again.Hold the end.
Then lay the black cotton, starting from 0, along the
Scale 1:50,000 on the central line (Statute miles) at the bottom of the map to the end you are holding. Then count off the indicated miles. This will give you the exact mileage for the route before you start. And OH will think what a clever daughter he has got !

1 May, 2013


Hi I,m so pleased that you got your giraffe he,s lovely, we have a deep brown leather hippo called herbie, and a wooden elephant so if you can't find a home for him.......

People say that about walking too. "oh its not far". "only take a few minutes" hmmm......I,m older and wiser now......

Love the plants too, what a great day out!

1 May, 2013


Great blog, so glad you had a such a good day out!

1 May, 2013


great blog .Really enjoyed the humour :-))
definite future in writing lol

1 May, 2013


Victoria here; wow thanks for all the comments. my English teacher says she can use this as part of my course work :>

Mum does all the holiday navigations so she knows how to use the maps etc. But dad likes mystery tours and they are often done on a whim? is that the right word. Mum's bum isn't spreading as far as I know. I wont tell her; and I'm considered skinny, so perhaps I need a fatter bum haha.

I could do with a hippo so if you get fed up of herbie.....

I have to go and do some science revision now as I have exams in a couple of weeks time. Mum keeps nagging [oops sorry encouraging] me to keep trying harder.

1 May, 2013


A very nice blog, Victoria, and I am pleased that you both enjoyed your day in Harrogate.

1 May, 2013


All the very best in your exams Victoria! ...........and your coursework [I think we all awarded you an A*]

1 May, 2013


I am not very good at puzzles, but the puzzle here is
if Mum does all the route finding and map reading -
why did you cycle twice as far as Mum intended ?

1 May, 2013


She means I organise holiday routes, big jobs for the family from a central holiday home. the bike rides on a Sunday are OH mystery trips that I have no input to as he'll just say bikes are in the van are you coming then? If he is bored or cant get on with other jobs he 'll go out on the bike.

She got an A in her first science module so fingers crossed.

1 May, 2013


yes fingers crossed but an A already means she is well on track!

1 May, 2013


A sarky scholar, eh?
A+ with distinction. ;-)

2 May, 2013


With a lifetime's experience of cycling I would say that
dear OH needs to be over ruled on the route planning
issue, and the information I have given is correct.
I have even seen people in CTC Touring competitions on
their hands and needs on a grass verge measuring the
route to work out the distance against the Scale at the bottom of the map - with a long piece of grass !

2 May, 2013


I wouldnt dream of over ruling him. he like you diane has been cycling all his life and organises rides for visiting groups. Always with the correct mileage. he is also a member of the CTC as well as bygone bikes, a tandem group and the rough stuff group. Now those rides are really rough and off road/bridal paths type jobs.

we both know how to map read and work out routes its is just one of his foibles he likes to go out on a whim. he knows full well how far trips are going to be, just says things like its not too far etc. So I am not saying your method was wrong.

2 May, 2013


We were taken by the giraffes too but they may have felt out of place among our menagerie (mainly dogs). The lily displays were stunning, weren't they, and the spring perfumes quite heady.
I love scented geraniums so a couple found their way into my bag, scented dianthus too, a trio of streptocarpus plugs, a long sought pot of white muscari, a couple of rarely spotted pretty little primulas and a pack of achimene rhizomes. My partner couldn't complain, he bought a large gazebo to use as a boathouse! We have both been busy this week installing our purchases.

2 May, 2013


thats a good haul of stuff Xela. what day did you go?

2 May, 2013


Well done, V! It's nice to see you blogging - and what a bonus to have it as part of your course work.

I enjoyed your blog. You might think about writing another one soon? You sound as though you really enjoyed the trip to Harrogate...

<whisper> I can't ride a bike...

4 May, 2013


We went on the Friday, Seaburngirl, thought it might be a bit quieter than the other days.
I reckon we shoud have a GoY lapel pin or similar, who knows how many fellow members we may have bumped into at shows, open gardens, garden centres etc.

5 May, 2013


I was given an arisaema tortuosum bulb/corm recently ~ is that the same as the one you have Victoria?

5 May, 2013


I have costata and speciosum Stickytoffee. I had to ask mum as I had forgotten their names.

5 May, 2013


wow Victoria ~ they look spectacular! looking forward to seeing them as they grow ~ please will you post a photo?
[couldnt remember the name of mine either ~ had to check the label!]

5 May, 2013

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