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September ends!


The end of September is finally upon us and I really can’t believe how many plants are still flowering. Even this late on some of the shrubs are showing no signs of Autumn quite yet

Wot….no rust! The Kilmarnock willow has usually succumb by now

My coral bark maple gone from hero to zero and back again in 18 months! Now fully recovered, Acer palmatum Eddisbury might only be half the plant is used to be but it’s still one of my favourites.

Sharing a bed with the Acer, Camellia buds are fattening up

Heptacodium miconoides has opened it’s first flower. They don’t look much from a distance but if you get your nose right in the scent is gorgeous! There are lots more buds to come and we might see the deep red calyces later.

In the shady far bed – Persicaria Red Dragon just keeps growing and growing and growing! It has almost smothered the Actaea growing behind it. Acer Orange Dream with no signs of autumn, Astrantia major flowers again and Geranium himalayense might look a little moth eaten around the leaves but still managing to throw up a few flowers.

A few pots on the steps up to the deck with Sedums and Sempervivum flowering at the moment

Climbing rose Warm Welcome is extremely difficult to capture – it still has plenty of beds so might go on flowering for a while yet

Across the way the colour of the Persicaria flowers is picked up on the stems of the Cornus and the new growth of the Photinia Red Robin – little Chrysanthemum adding an autumnal orange into the mix.

Can I let you into a secret? If someone had asked me to make a list of plants I would never grow in the garden – Roses would have been top of that list!

A pair of Wedgewood Roses were the first ones I bought for the garden. I’m so pleased I’ve saw the error of my ways…lol!

Patio rose Happy Times, is a lovely little thing but sadly no scent!

The newest addition to my rose collection opens it’s first buds. Inspired by Bornagain’s front garden. Rosa Lady Emma Hamilton.

The bumblebees and butterflies might not be as abundant this last week or so but they are still about and the bumblebee border still has lots to offer

The side garden still looks good, no autumn colour on the Acer yet – a splash of colour from Heuchera Caramel and Heuchera Berry Smoothie.

In the front garden very little going on. Sedum Cloud Walker is suffering a bit of powdery mildew. Not the plants fault I hasten to add. I took me weeks to decide where it was to go and suffered a bit of neglect. It should be happier now it’s in the ground.

The first of the Asters to flower – I just wish they were happy to be in my garden. I’ve tried them in many different situations and they always end up covered in mildew :(

I hope the weather has been kind to you all this weekend. It’s been gorgeous here. I’ve been without an internet connection most of the week so I’m off now to catch up with all your gardens. Late night as I’ve to pick my son up at Glasgow Airport at 2am!! Enjoy your week :)

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Glad you're enjoying your roses! my warm welcome stopped flowering months ago!

29 Sep, 2013


Too cold up your way K,especially for "Warm Welcome"!!! LOL.......Scottish,do you have the name of the variegated Sedum,please? Not one I have seen around.

29 Sep, 2013


Maybe it's sad you are leaving it Karen :(

There's always a Warm Welcome up here M ;)
It's Autumn Charm. Bought at Homebase last year. Not sure it will be strong enough to divide yet as it's not very happy in the pot. I am going to pop it into the ground soon and in spring it should be big enough to divide and I'll gladly send you some.

29 Sep, 2013


You seem to have taken to roses! Wedgwood is beautifully complimented by the blue of the thistles.

29 Sep, 2013


Beautiful, needless to say..roses are one of my favourite plants :))))

30 Sep, 2013


Lol....Julia, I'll remind you of that when you're under six feet of snow, and we've hardly a dusting on the ground!

30 Sep, 2013


It's nice to see so much still flowering in the garden, a lot of my summer flowers went over early in the extreme heat this year. I love that Sedum Angie and your Aster, mine is still closed :o)

30 Sep, 2013


Angie.....that's so kind of you......thank youx......K....brrrr don't remind me!!!

30 Sep, 2013


Rosa Lady Emma Hamilton is very flowery :) :)

nice blog...

Blooming lovely as the saying goes....

30 Sep, 2013


Its good to see you adding roses to your garden Scottish and doing well by the looks of them.
I`m so glad it isnt only me that ends up with mildewy

30 Sep, 2013


A very nice blog Scottish :o) It's good to see the plants doing so well into the autumn ...
You are like me (or should I say I am like you) in that we would have both chosen roses as plants we would not grow. I got rid of them all from my previous garden.
Now however, I don't mind them (except for the thorns). But they are still far from being my favourite flowers :o)

30 Sep, 2013


That makes three of us, Hywel...
...but how can you say that, about thorns, and you a cactus man? lol :)))
Your garden looks beautiful, Angie!
And I thoroughly enjoyed your blog :)

3 Oct, 2013


Karen, How many times have my hands and arms been ripped open by rose thorns ? ... I've lost count !
How many times by cactus spines ... not once ever, and I've been collecting them since 1965
Roses are far more dangerous than cacti :D

3 Oct, 2013


I do believe you on that, Hywel...roses get you regardless of how much body armour you've got! :)

I'm about to give up on them, what with the bloody slashes, black-bee stings and all the conditions which don't make them!

btw...can you recommend a cactus which would live outdoors, here, in a BIG pot? It would have to endure extreme high and low temps...and, very wet weather occasionally. I've seen one growing in the ground, around here, but, I don't know what it opunta, I think...?

7 Oct, 2013


Your garden looks lovely Scottish, ours went over ages ago, too much heat this year!! have only the odd flower, and the roses which are beautiful. Super blog and photos.

10 Oct, 2013


Karen I've sent you a PM

12 Oct, 2013


Sorry to be so late to your blog Scottish ... you must be very pleased with your garden ... it's brimming with wonderful plants and looking lush! :o)

13 Oct, 2013


Looking through some blogs, will I ever catch up? ....and find that I'm an inspiration lol:-))))) So pleased you have Emma, you certainly won't regret it, she looks lovely at the moment just coming into leaf. How's yours looking? Your garden looked lovely in early autumn by the way:-)

28 Mar, 2014

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