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How are the mighty fallen! Kincardine SRGC Show 25.3.17


Hopes of entering an SRGC show for the first time were looking bleak the night before the show. As I moved my miniature garden to the car boot it fell with me on top of it. Mortification. There I was sprawled over the late treasure with no hope of anyone hearing my cries for help. I eventually managed to wriggle over to the house steps and raised myself up somehow. OH was none too pleased as he would have willingly helped me with the heavy planter. Anyway I said I was going to bed and I would decide on Saturday whether or not I was fit to travel. With cracked or broken ribs I was advised that there was no solution other than taking pain killers. The doc would send some out if I needed them. Saturday morning was sunny and bright so it was obvious I was still going to the show. I had emailed the show secretary to explain there was no longer a mini garden. As I had entered three items I felt duty bound to deliver them. I did not expect to be placed but I was being a good member and helping to put on a show. I got there with half an hour to spare and I was given all the help and advice necessary. The show cards were waiting for me. A few adjustments to the class numbers and I was able to go home. OH and I went back in the afternoon. I got two seconds and a third placing. I was over the moon. I hope all the expert growers who won medals etc will bear with me while I show you what I entered. The first two were entered in Section11. This is open to members who have not won 50 or more first prizes at previous SRGC shows
Class 71 1 pan rock plant grown from seed by exhibitor.

There was only my exhibit and one other. The judges did a good job of deciding that set against a perfect plant mine only deserved a 2nd and not a 1st place. The other exhibit was awarded a 3rd place. The show is supposed to be educational so it is necessary to mark in this way so that exhibitors will be aware that they can improve.

Class76 1 pan dwarf bulbs I told my OH that there was no way I was going to be 1st or 2nd in this class because the other two plants were so good. I was happy with 3rd place in a class of three exhibits.

My 3rd exhibit had been destined for Class 71 but on the advice of the show secretary I placed this one in Class 4 in Section 1. I was the only exhibitor in that class and again I was awarded a 2nd place. I was thrilled to bits. I did not think the judge would place it. I am going to be sore for some time due to my stupidity but I am so pleased I took the plunge and enjoyed myself. I would recommend the experience to anyone who feels they would like to try it. I would also like to thank Pcw and Bjs for their advice on how best to show my plants.
I will process the photos I took and display them as soon as I can.

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oh poor you, I hope the ribs heal quickly. gentle hugs
but well done for going and exhibiting with success too.

26 Mar, 2017


Thank you Sbg. I did not expect to get anywhere with my exhibits so it is doubly delightful to see the effort was worthwhile and was appreciated. I'm not talking ribs today they are too sore. Distractions needed.

26 Mar, 2017


Well done SG.Looks like a few more days for 'Saddle Mount' would have resulted in a 1st.You've done well with the Androsaces'.I've only got the one left after germinating quite a few and growing on about ten to a decent size.
I don't suppose you felt like raiding the sales tables the way you were.
Get well soon.

26 Mar, 2017


you did well to get there let alone come away with any prize tickets ,Phil will tell you this is a serious infection showing plants without falling over in the process,
I do hope you are soon feeling a lot better and able to resume your gardening

27 Mar, 2017


Thank you Phil and Bjs. I did look for more Androsace seeds in the remainder boxes from the seedex . I did manage to get A.vandellii and A. villosa. I also got seed for Erythronium elegans. It is apparently slow from seed but well worth the wait. It has a gorgeous white flower. Seeds too for Soldanella carpatica, S.dimoniei and S. villosa. Also seeds for Synthyris missurica, a few different Tulbaghia seeds. I bought an Erythronium revolutum from the members stand and also some Galanthus Ophelia a double greatorex. I seem to be suffering from a variety of infections Bjs including galanthophilia and bulbmania but it keeps me busy. I was so stiff yesterday OH had to tie my shoe laces. Thank goodness for the back up.

27 Mar, 2017


What rotten luck Scotsgran, and good for you that you fought back and entered anyway. I didn't give this a Like because of the fall...
Galanthophilia seems to be spreading but at least it isn't painful even if there is apparently no cure yet. People say you feel much better for a short while in the early part of the year.

27 Mar, 2017


I have been given Ophelia. what is meant by a greatorex?

27 Mar, 2017


Sbg Galanthus greatorex doubles were produced by crossing G.nivalis flore pleno with G. plicatus. It was named after Heyrich A Greatorex of Blundell in Norfolk. He produced many forms and they are all named after female characters in Shakespeare plays.

27 Mar, 2017


Steragram I can confirm that there is a high at the start of each year when the snowdrops appear, unless you are lucky enough to own an autumn flowering galanthus when the emotional roller coaster arrives early lol. I know many people who have never owned a garden or a snowdrop who find themselves smiling happily when they spot the first flowers.

27 Mar, 2017


What a gallant effort I think you should have a gold star just for getting to the show ... hope you are feeling a little better now.

28 Mar, 2017


Thank you Stroller I definitely did not deserve a gold medal but I was very happy to come away with three results. I think it will take time to heal my ribs but I am cutting back on the pain killers.

28 Mar, 2017

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