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SRGC Show Perth


I’m not going in to lots of explanations because I just do not have the time but do ask questions about anything you want to know more info about. This was OH’s first Show. He enjoyed it very much. He was amazed that so few exhibitors could put on such a wonderful display. He was happy to listen to growers tell him some of their tips for growing their exhibit. It was very different to our local village show where exhibitors had secret potions to feed to their leeks etc but they would not divulge those recipes to others.
I cr if this first pot – a miniature garden won any prizes but just look at that fabulous anemone viridescens.

A beautiful Erodium

And a Corydalis for all the recent converts to loving the genus.

Primula Wanda in a lovely dark blue

Sanguinaria canadensis

I imagine it is hard to bring 3 pots to perfection where the class demand that. Next two photos where the exhibitors prove it is possible.

Another different primula again deep blue

Primula vulgaris our wild primrose

2 Pans (pots) of cushion plants, need not be in flower

I hope I’m not making you feel blue but I had to include this wonderful pot of blue flowers. Yes Bik it is Tecophilaea cyanocrocus, not sure which one. The RHS Plant finder mentions several stockists around the country but as it is an autumn planted bulb it is out of stock at the moment.

By the time I got round to taking photographs the room was busy and lots of people were attempting to take photos so I gave up. I think this was the week of the Primula.

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Thank you Scotsgran, a lovely blog for all to enjoy.

26 Apr, 2013


is it a Tecophilaea cyanocrocus
(last photo).

26 Apr, 2013


Looks like like it Bik.On the wanted list here

26 Apr, 2013


thanks for the blog Scotsgran, we don't seem to have too many shows like that round my way. There's the RHS show at Knutsford but that's very expensive, must go one day.

I love that last deep blue plant, very pretty.

26 Apr, 2013


Love those mini gardens.
I know how you feel when lots of people are taking pics....can't get a look in, rather like us at Madam Tussaud last week!

26 Apr, 2013


Beauties and I'm not going to ask what you bought ;-)
Glad W enjoyed his day. I think those veg growers are like a mini Mafia! That mini garden is lovely and I still haven't got round to starting mine!
Only one question. Did you get the name of the taller blue Primula?

26 Apr, 2013


Lovely blog Scotsgran.Glad you took your camera!!!! Are the last flowers Gentians?? the blooms look like it but not sure!!!!

26 Apr, 2013


Loved your blog :0)

26 Apr, 2013


Thank you everyone for your nice comments. I don't think much of the photographs I took. 99.9% of them have been sent to the recycle bin. I can't help it but if someone comes close I instinctively move to allow them to share what I am looking at. It means blurred photos not worth taking. You have id'd the last photo correctly Bik. Sorry I did not find out exactly which one it is. The RHS Plant Finder lists several stockists but of course being an autumn planted bulb it is currently out of stock. We are really lucky Louisa as we are situated within 30 miles of at least 4 srgc shows and within 60 to another couple. 150 miles on good roads will take us to more. I too love those mini gardens. I'm looking and learning. In other SRGC shows I have been to it was mainly fish boxes which were used but at Perth the rules specified the maximum "diameter" of the pot to be used which is why they are circular instead of oblong. I have a real soft spot for those mounds. I wonder if they trim them to shape as they go along. The more I learn the more questions i have. Myhermes brought me a big goody box of beautiful plants from Pcw thisam so I am looking carefully at how to plant them up. Sorry Scottish unless someone can decipher the writing I dk what it is. Bulboholic will probably know but he and Moongrower will be too busy to come on Goy tonight. The Highland SRGC show is in Nairn tomorrow.

27 Apr, 2013


April 19th was Primula day, Scotsgran.
Some absolutely stunning plants.

27 Apr, 2013


You should try and get to the Glasgow srgc show in Milngavie (pronounced Millguy for those south of the border) Mouldy. You would love it.

27 Apr, 2013


Thanks Sheila - I planted up my attempt at a mini garden today. Just about to put on a picture.

27 Apr, 2013


I'll go and look.

27 Apr, 2013


When is it, Scotsgran, do you know?

28 Apr, 2013


GLASGOW SHOW Scottish Rock Garden Club.
4th May 11.30 am to 3.30 pm
VENUE: Milngavie Town Hall, Main Street, Milngavie, Glasgow
LOCATION: 9 miles NW of Glasgow on the A81. The Town Hall is near the town centre, opposite the car park for Milngavie railway station.
Hope that helps Mouldy. Bulbaholic and Moongrower are also hoping to come down to it.

28 Apr, 2013


I know where it is, Scotsgran.
It is, or was a beautiful wee village, but is rife with crime, nowadays, due to the toe-rags from a nearby housing scheme, burgling houses, stealing cars, etc.
Such a shame.
I'll try & make it.

29 Apr, 2013


I'm hoping to get there too.

29 Apr, 2013


If I manage to make it I look forward to meeting you, but it looks doubtful at the minute.
I'll have to wait & see.

29 Apr, 2013

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