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Hi, I am now retired, to the seaside (east coast). We have bought a house very close to the beach but it has a very small back yard :-( surrounded by a 6ft high brick wall. We have built 2 huge planters using new railway sleepers they measure approx. H3' x W15' x D3' each as we have 2 little dogs. 1 of the planters faces west, the other south, but the Sth. facing is overshadowed by the house, so therefore mostly shade. We have also put 3ft of good strong trellis above these planters, I hope for climbers. I would like to plant all year round interest but need advice as this is something entirely new for me. I have also bought lots of hanging baskets, large pots & troughs to go under the windows. I want to make this a haven & as interesting as possible, so would be grateful for your expertise please TY

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