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tomatoes needing help...


By sandra


today it was raining ..again…so i retreated to our polytunnel. and took on my husband Julians tomatoes….

they have been producing so much fruit..we have boiled, bottled, chutneyd, frozen and eaten pounds and pounds. we sell our surplus at the market and from our nursery.

as you can see they need de-leafing to allow the fruit to ripen.

we have used marigolds onions basil and parsley as companion planting. something must have worked as we have not had any aphids or problems with them. there are a few discoloured leaves and a few toms have started to rot in among the greenery.

i spent four hours stripping off leaves chopping the marrigolds and weeding the ground.

we have enjoyed this journey into the wierd and wounderful types of tomatoes.

ever reliable shirley…

big and tasty ananis noir….

Julians favorite purple russian

german red strawberry…the best of the biggest

jersey devil…my customers love this one…it looks so much like a chilly

ildi….i pick bowls of this one and the kids eat them like sweets.

amish gold….this is my favorite one. sliced with a bit of cheese…yummy…..

brandywine..a great flavour it grows large strange shaped fruit

elberta girl…the only bush one that we grew..we didnt like this one much. lots of fruit but it is ‘furry’ and as a bush variety it was harder to control. tastes good though.

that will alow the fruit to ripen now …i hope

more tomatoe soup me thinks….

then tonight the sun came out just as we had a down pour of biblical proportions …this last photo was taken from inside the conservetory to save myself from drowning.

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Sorry about the weather for you Sandra but look at all that lovely produce fantastic and what a truly beautiful sunset to end the day..

Glad you took care of hubbys toms .. you know what us men are like about our plums lol

31 Aug, 2009


he does most of the planting and digging and i tidy everything

31 Aug, 2009


Very interesting blog on tomatoes, Sandra.

You certainly have grown a lot & many varieties too! Some of them I've never seen before.

I grow a few plants on my balcony , too.

31 Aug, 2009


Your tomatoes look fantastic Sandra, you have been busy have never heard of the half of them one beautiful sunset !!!! :~))))

31 Aug, 2009


Thats a lot of tomatoes Sandra,obviously I haven`t got as many as you but I am having a brilliant year even in my small greenhouse,I have 3 different varieties and as yet they are showing no signs of giving up and the size and taste have been really good,I grow marigolds in my greenhouses and find I am no longer plagued with whitefly now. I think Mr Titchmarsh was responsible for that, That photograph of the sunset is absolutely lovely.....

31 Aug, 2009


I love tomatoes . I want to grow some next yr if I have my greenhouse put up by then. You have so many types.

31 Aug, 2009


Have never seen so many varieties, wish I had the space to grow more, we have not got enough to freeze this year, still what we had was tasty.

31 Aug, 2009


Bad weather all over methinks Sandra but what a lovely lot of tomatoes you have great blog thanks for showing us.

31 Aug, 2009


thanks folks....
it the first time we have grown this many types. its s been so interesting watching and tasteing. i know shirley is popular...what types are you folks growing? we grew fourteen types but there are a few that wont be invited back.....hillbilly potatoes leaf is just the most deranged shaped tom....and lemon tree turned out to be water tree.....

1 Sep, 2009


Boring but usually reliable Gardeners Delight........

1 Sep, 2009


i havent grown that one before DD. we took ages to decide which reliable toughy to grow. theres a few like money ,maker, as you say gardeners delight, shirley and alecante. we grew loads of alacante and shirley to sell as little plants at the market, i did put some alecante outside..they did produce a few toms but i forgot about them they fell over and the slugs had a field day....

2 Sep, 2009


well done sandra, didnt realise there were so many differant toms, all look great and yummy

2 Sep, 2009


Sanbaz, you ought to take a look at a seed catalogue - there are pages & pages of Toms ! You can get them in different colours, forms, height, season, greenhouse, outdoors, taste, etc. The list goes on ...

2 Sep, 2009


thanx balcony, i supose because i dont grow them i didnt realise,

3 Sep, 2009


i didnt know till this year either San. but i did help choose some of these..i do enjoy looking at the seed books...

3 Sep, 2009

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