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Harry Potters comming to the beach.


By sandra


There is great excitement in the area because they have started building a set for a Harry potter film on fresh water west. The scene is from the last book The Deathly Hallows at Luna Lovegoods family home. We took some photo over the last three days,

more photos


its fun watching but ours is a little used beach apart from surfers and dogs (with thie owners) at the peak of filming there will be 300 people on site. and theres talk of closing the road. we have all joined a facebook group to keep an eye on proceedings.
in june russell crow wll be filming robin hood on the same beach these rumours are somewhat scary…this time they are advertising for 600 extras bringing 300 horses….i’m notsure this is a good thing for our beach…my dogs ruby reggnd blodwyn wont impressed they beach is theres…

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They filmed Dr Who on one of these hills near here. What a mess they made ! and what a mess they left the place in ! Just for a silly tv programme.

26 Apr, 2009


Have they had the decency to consult the residents ? I don't suppose so. And I don't suppose they'll care what effect they have on the environment either.

26 Apr, 2009


well Hywel there has been no consultation with us or the local village. this beach is the view all be it distant from my house. the Harry Potter thing is going good so far. the beach has a little problem with rubbish being washed up from the busy shipping lane the film crew told the loacal press they will do a thourough clear up when finished.
but the robin Hood film with all those people and horses can't be right...thanks to the internet a few group have now been formed to watch them...

26 Apr, 2009


300 horses!!!!!!!!!! good heavens where's all the manure going?? i have visions of GOY subcribers turning up with sacks and spades LOL!!
On a serious note it sounds too many people and horses for a small beach!
My daughter was thrilled with the photos of Luna Lovegoods house though!!

26 Apr, 2009


I do hope your beach is not spoilt by all those feet and hooves.

26 Apr, 2009


How exciting do have fun enjoy it I will think of you when I see the next show how cool. do have good day

26 Apr, 2009


How exciting for you, always wanted to be an extra in a film!! sounds like fun for some............

26 Apr, 2009


we will enjoy it and i think it will be good for the area. all the extras are men over 5ft i'll just have to take the
horse poo now i hadn't thought of that Sewingkilla...;-))

26 Apr, 2009


That bit sounds good to me, Sandra! Get a bin ready.... and your bucket and spade to collect

26 Apr, 2009


the roof is now on the house. we cant decide if the shells are real. work had stopped by the time we got there yesterday.i am going to the beach today to watch the surfing chamionships so i will ask the workmen.

3 May, 2009

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