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classic afternoon,


By sanbaz


hi nothing to do with gardens but thought some would be interested, especially the men, its been gala weekend in pouton-le-fylde near blackpool, today they had the classic cars on show, so baz and i just went for a look for something to do,

baz really enjoys his cars especially the old models,i like to see them but dont want to stand talking about engines for the next hour lol

anyway we enjoyed the afternoon then went for a nice early bird dinner before home, at least it kept fine to, hope you enjoyed the classics

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Hey Sandra looks like a good day - I hope Baz didn't spend too much time talking "engines" my eyes start to glaze over after 5 minutes on the subject - anyway I know he's a great sport and helps you loads in your garden so it's only fair you do the car thing (Don't know if that makes sense but San. knows what I mean !)

7 Jun, 2009


I love these old cars, they often have rallies in France when we have been on our hols, the French people love our vintage cars, they all come out to cheer them on.

7 Jun, 2009


thanx angie it was for baz really he deserves it,, so good to me,,
dotty... bet thats a site when they ccome out to cheer,, mind you over here if your out in an old car loads of people wave at you, younge ones just look in amazment lol

8 Jun, 2009


beautiful cars S, i love them .
have one in my garden just waiting to be restored, thing is i never seem to find the time to start doing it lol

9 Jun, 2009


what make irish,, baz had a wolsey now he has a cortina mk2 so not quite as old, i prefere the older ones,, like my men lol

9 Jun, 2009


if I keep my micra any longer it could be in the show soon !!!

9 Jun, 2009


lol angie,,cant be that old

9 Jun, 2009


sorry sandra, im no long back in from work. its a 78 MG MGB.

lucky man having a mk 2 cortina, i think there great , is it a grey colour one

9 Jun, 2009


hi irish baz would be so jelous of your MG, he loves the older ones, his is a deep purple with black vynal roof,, oops cant think how to spell that lol, but sure you know what i mean, he just got an original wooden steering wheel for it, hes so excited, bless

10 Jun, 2009


I'm a little late catching up but great blog! Vintage car rallies and races are popular over here too. I love them but my hubby would rather spend hours talking about computers not engines, so we spend more time at the com shows : )
I use to love talking with the old guy who would come to pick up his grandkids at the school in one of the old Ford model T's he had restored. My favorite was the one he had painted RED! Loved it. What a great way to enjoy a day together!

10 Jun, 2009


thanx wohibuli, yes its nice if you both like the same things, we did a rally from where we live to a place called scarbourough, which took about 7 hours in all with the stops, but we made it, was great we were in a wolsey year 1952, with steep hills thought the old car wouldnt make it, but she did it,was glad to get there with all the bumps and turns my stomach had had enough hahah, if you send me your email i will send a pic from the rally with our car,, dont worry if you dont like to give out your email, i understand

10 Jun, 2009

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