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sunny sunday


By sanbaz


Hi Guys,
We have had a sunny day here in blackpool area, so decided to go to Houghton Tower between preston and Blackburn but as we were happerly going along the motorway we came across a huge tailback, so came off at preston but couldnt get through that way either, never mind we can go another day we said.
So last min decission to go to Beacon Fell forest park its lovely up there and the view is fantastic over the landscape, a bit chilly as shaded by the tall pines not much sun gets through but worth it.
We managed to get to the top and enjoyed the walk, also had a sandwich and cuppa at the cafe there.
Then took the scenic road home, we were in Baz`s pride and joy Ford Escort 1980 model only comes out in summer weather.
Once home we decided to do some gardening, Baz mowed the lawn and edged that for me while i got to grips with the weeds which are mainly buttercups all over the place, between plants in borders, near pond, but managed to get quite alot out, also lots of that awfull long tangly grass, so a few hours later everything was looking ship shape, well better than it had.
I need to start thinking about plants for my pots and was going to change some border plants but may have to wait because now all the perenials are growing i havent the heart to take any out haha,
Also i want to move my new arch away from the pond, i didnt like it when Baz put it there, i want it in the lawn, he doesnt lol.
Need to decided, anyway a few pics of today, hope you all enjoyed your sunday to :o))) .

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Lovely pics Sandra, and a nice car too, not seen one of them in years.. Great blog :-)

19 May, 2013


Fantastic rows of pines Sandra. your garden looks very neat and colourful!
I remember Julie's dad having a couple of that style of escort back in 1978 to early 80's .baz looks after it very well!

19 May, 2013


Second photo is just like Scotland San, and your gardens looking fab! Best I've seen it for a long time! And your cat is so cute watching the fish! :D

19 May, 2013


Cheers SL, glad you like the car to :o)
Arent they wonderfull Paul, i love pines, looking up to the tops and wondering how long they have been there,
Baz takes alot of care with his cars, im always wondering whats going to be next :o))
Karen it does make you think about scotland with the pines, and yes im getting on top of the garden again with help from Baz which is lovely because i know he isnt a gardener really. casper loves watching the fishies but knows not to try touch haha , a heron came down yesterday on the lawn but didnt stay once he saw the net thankfully :o))

19 May, 2013


The second photo is a corker I think you need to paint that
Long time since I have seen a mark 2 Escort My dad had a mark 1 estate. For ever breaking down lol happy memories :-)

19 May, 2013


thanx mushy its mistical that photo i think, maybe i will try it after a project we have to try at studio,
glad the escort gave you a trip down memory lane to lol :o))

19 May, 2013


Wonderful to see the north-west bathed in sunshine! It does tend to get plenty of sunshine on that part of the coast though I think!
Lovely pics of your outing, of a very pretty garden and of a fabulous car!

19 May, 2013


Love that 2nd photo San, brilliant capture...
The garden and your proper pond looks lovely so well established, Casper, you can look, but you cant touch lol you had better weather than us today, it was glorious yesterday, but light rain today cleaned out the garden room, boring but it had to be done!!

19 May, 2013


Lovely Blog San beautiful pics of majestic trees, then your garden looking really good, I had a Ford Escort like that in 1979 bronze in colour...but I'm sure Baz's runs better than mine did lol :o)

19 May, 2013


I really enjoyed your day out San , I loved your pic 2 your fencing and Casper , we have been to the Bishops Garden at Norwich cathedral today it was a bit of a let down , nothing except grass and shrubs I'm sure there's more colour and interest in your garden x

19 May, 2013


Glad you had a nice trip out sandra. Your garden is looking very nice...lets hope we get lots more sun..

20 May, 2013


thanx wildrose, we dont do to bad for sun, but tend to get alot of rain here, so we make the most of sunny days, glad you like the car to :o))
LOL Angela yes the proper pond is filling out around the edges and casper loves to check out his friend in there, i bet if i didnt have the net he would be scooping them out haha, Glad you got the garden room done, not the same as being outside but you do feel better when its done, its a lovely room which i would love to have :o))
thanx Neena i feel alot better now iv started to get back into my garden, it soon gets out of hand when you have health issues, but hopefully back on track, Baz is loving all these lovely comments on his car, or dare i say old banger haha :o))
cheers Amy, sorry your day was a bit of a wash out, its dissapointing when you go somewhere expecting more than green, and they charge us enough to view them, the second pic seems to be a hit with alot of members, the ground was a carpet of pine needles which in the light looked like snow, it was soft under foot to, i think it looks mistical, i may paint it one day when i get chance :o))
thankyou Holly for your nice comment, i hope we get a summer this year to, think we more than need it dont you :o))

20 May, 2013


Hi Sandra ..
Lovely photos... glad you enjoyed your outing in the charismatic car !

Your garden is looking green and lovely ... good luck with your plans for the archway.. :o) x

20 May, 2013


Hi Sandra, lovely blog and photos San, makes one feel so much better when you've been out in the garden for a while, you had better weather than us it was dull all day ..0))

20 May, 2013


Glad you enjoyed your day Sandra. It's nice to see the sun :o)

20 May, 2013


Hi Terra and thankyou lol, i felt a bit sick when i got home in the bumpy car and they always have that old smell haha
still havent decided on arch yet but garden feels nice at the moment :o)) x

Hi Les.. thankyou, your right it does make you feel better, sorry you didnt have good weather, its very windy here today even though sunny, cant see to do anything cause my hair blowing everywhere lol :o)) x

Thankyou so much Hywel, its lovely to see sunshine and most defernatly cheers us up :o)) x

22 May, 2013


Yes we sure do.... its bloomin cold today... :(

24 May, 2013


Even though very sunny today Holly if you were out of the sun it was pretty cold breeze, but a lovely day in all today, lets hope it starts to heat up a bit :o))

25 May, 2013

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