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A walk round the garden on one sunny day!


It has been a struggle to keep up with jobs in the garden after all the rain we have had!
Are you all as fed up as I am with this never ending rain!
It was nice to walk round and still find the wet weather hasn’t bothered my plants.
So..I thought I would share them with you.

These Marsh Marigolds are in the pond and there are some more in my vision pond.

I think this is Malus Red Sentinel.

This Acer is in a pot in the other part of the garden as well as the Skimmia

This is the huge cherry tree and with the high winds the garden now looks like it has been snowing!
The next one is of a small cherry tree which I found buried inbetween lots of shrubs, so rescued it and is now doing well.

Now Laurel and Hardy are looking after the rose garden!

And last but not least my Canary Bird rose which was a treasured gift from my lovely Rick.
I hope you all enjoyed your little walk!
Keep dry everyone!

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I really enjoyed having a walk with you round your garden Rose. You've some lovely trees and shrubs. The tulips are just beautiful. I used to have Malus Red Sentinel, it's a gorgeous crab apple. Love the cherries and your Canary Bird rose, it's one I've always wanted but haven't any room for now..:))

28 Apr, 2024


Thanks for the lovely walk around your garden, Rose! All your plants & flowers look wonderful! 👏

Your rose may be the same as I have, that I grew from seed some years ago. I call it 'Chinese Rose' because the seeds came to me from my brother who sent away to China for them! I have never known what it was called but this one seems to fit its description. Does it have thousands of tiny, very sharp thorns? Mine certainly does! It's flowering on the balcony at present as well. There are some photos in My Photos page if you want to have a look.

28 Apr, 2024


I enjoyed my walk round your garden.
The shrub you named as skimmia has very different flowers to mine or are those flowers from something else growing through it?
the Canary Bird is a lovely rose and one of the earliest to flower in the UK. A mate has one the full length of her garage and it looks stunning. I like the shape of yours.

My red sentinel is also in flower and hasn't suffered too much with the rain.

29 Apr, 2024


Thanks Rose for the walk around your garden...such lovely colours...Canary bird doing well too.Great reminder of your husband.

29 Apr, 2024


Thank you Rose. I loved seeing all your beautiful plants! It does help lift my spirits to see that spring has happened in spite of the cold. I love that white cherry blossom. I think I actually prefer it to pink. X

29 Apr, 2024


Lovely to see the colour emerging in your garden Rose ... I think your Skimmia is a Pieris! The Canary Bird rose is gorgeous.

29 Apr, 2024


Thank you for your garden tour. You have some lovely shrubs. Sunny morning here in Surrey. I hope it lasts.

30 Apr, 2024


Hello Janey. Hopefully you will be able to come and see the garden soon! On a sunny day of course and then can sit out with a cuppa and cake. xx

Thanks Balcony. Yes it does have thorns but are quite big.
Years ago I saw it as a weeping standard at an RHS show and fell in love with it.
I kept thinking about it and mentioned it to Rick who said to send for it. I think I have had it for 3 years now.
He wanted to get me the mature rose and got it online.
It is a lovely memory of my husband Rick.

Thank you Seaburn. It's strange but have had this plant for years. It was in a pot left in the garden when we moved here and has been potted on once, but never got any bigger. The flowers shown this year were different from other years and does look like a Pieris.

Thanks Julia. Yes it is a lovely memory of my Rick. x

Thanks Karen. It does make you feel good when we see the spring flowers doesn't it!
I moved the cherry tree when we first came here and thought I might lose it, but this year, despite being small looks the best it has ever been.

Thanks Shirley. That "skimmia" has never looked like a pieris before, but this year it does. Strange!
But it remains small! My huge one which you would have seen in recent blogs has dropped all it's leaves.
It was years old, going as far back as Willow Cottage, so maybe just old age!

Thanks Feverfew! Sunny here too in Cleethorpes and hopefully the rest of the week!

30 Apr, 2024


Looking lovely Rose, lot of nice colours there to cheer you up if we ever get any nice days again, have started on my garden, replaced 5 6ft fence panels and the dreaded weeding.
have had a little bit of time away as went back to sea on a fishing boat for a few weeks, which was something I needed to do, but since I got back have gotten right into it, over last few days i have filled up a large wheely garden bin with grass, weeds and tree cuttings, on the down side looks like I have lost an acer down the bottom of the garden, same as what happened to my wisteria last year, new leaves started to show but have now shriveled and wilted, don't know whether its due to all the rain we have had but it's a shame as was a lovely tree

1 May, 2024


Your garden is a riot of colour Rose. The tulips in the first photo are such pretty colours, what a lovely choice. Laurel and Hardy look very much at home amongst the roses!! Your blossom trees are a real picture.
A lovely garden.

1 May, 2024


Rose, we had a huge thunderstorm overnight and the patio is now covered in the little Pieris flowers ... :o(

2 May, 2024


Hello Davey, I am pleased you are getting on with your life now as we both have to, but it's still hard.
It is strange what happened to your plants as I had a lovely huge Pieris in a very big pot and have had it for years.
I have always put pictures of it on here, but a couple of weeks ago all the leaves dropped off it.
I think it could have been the amount of rainfall we had as the pot had filled up with water and was too heavy to tip up to empty it.
Luckily I have two more!
We are having such weird weather now and it's not surprising some plants can't cope with it.

Thanks Chris! I think I prefer Laurel and Hardy there as I can see them better.
I bought them one year for Rick's birthday. xx

2 May, 2024


Just looking at your pics again. I love the Marsh Marigolds, they grow here along the River Wey. We had a lot of wind recently & all my bearded irises ended up with very curly stems! Amazingly they seem to be straightening up again, well most of them have. Will put a pic on when the buds have opened. Lots of flashing & banging last night!

2 May, 2024


I love the Marsh Marigolds Feverfew, but unfortunately don't flower very long.

3 May, 2024


That's a shame Shirley. After a few sunny and warm days, it is now heavy rain!

3 May, 2024


I wish the weather would just stay calm and dry for longer than a couple of days! Pretty good down here today, long may it last.

3 May, 2024


It's been a gloomy day here with rain from about 12.30pm till around 7pm.

3 May, 2024


Three good days then one with torrential rain Balcony and Shirley.
So we have to make the most of a good day!

4 May, 2024


Rose, it has been a gorgeous sunny day so I have been gardening for quite a while today. There were many slugs and snails lurking in the Sedums and the Iris stems ... all happy together in the brown bin now!

4 May, 2024


It's strange Shirley but my sedums host lots of snails!
Another warm sunny day here! Yay!

5 May, 2024


Rose, the Sedums never seem to show damage from the critters, just a hiding place for them! Grey and drizzly at times down here today so I'm pleased you have sunshine ... :o)

5 May, 2024


Thanks Shirley and hopefully you will soon get the sun!

6 May, 2024


We did get the sun and took a short break to Dorset on Monday, glorious weather! The weekend looks set to stay dry and sunny but Monday may bring more showers.

10 May, 2024

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