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Garden Landscapers- are they worth the money?


By roodie


I’ve come across some free software by Google:

That enables you to sketch and draw up your garden and design the layout. Plan for how to set up and design your own back garden, helpful software i think.

I’m hoping to over the summer my garden is completely clear any weeds, build an extension followed by a set area to grow my own vegetables.

Has anyone here used a garden Landscaper for this, to get advice from, or is it better to go for it witch the ideas i have in my head already?

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I like to have my own ideas both in the house and in the garden. I am trying tp plan and construct my garden now but I've got someone to do the hard work for me.

In the other house when I was young and fit I did it all myself, but at least here it will be my own ideas even if someone else helps out. Personally I don't want someone else telling me how to plan my own garden.

However it's a matter of choice. If you're patient and don't want it all perfect yesterday then do it yourself. That's where the fun lies anyway. If not then get someone to do it for you but I bet you won't get as much pleasure from that. And you won't feel as if it's really your own garden. It won't have your personality in it.

23 Feb, 2009


We planned and designed our garden four years ago from scratch, but I have a background in art and design.
We did everything ourselves, and then we undertook all the labour apart from calling in a specialist company to construct some faux rockwork and a folly.

There are some superb garden designers around, and it's not just about the cost. They are aware of the clients needs, the aspect of the garden, the type of plants required and what type of garden will suit the clients needs. They also have access to a range of other contractors who can make their design come to life.It depends on the choices you wish to make, and personal skills and levels of expertise with regards with planning and design.

It is possible to make some big mistakes with garden design, and the hard landscaping and planting schemes, so I would always advise anyone to seek advice or do some research before starting any garden design project. You might also need to refer to your local Council and any planning laws as well if you are about to make any redical changes.
Do take a look at our website on:
and take a look at the photos of our garden on this site.
Good luck with your project, and please let us know how things progress.

23 Feb, 2009


Ive been doing a trawl round for suitable software. As an engineer in real life drawings are a key part of the planning process. I was trained on a board and still have it in the loft. I have seen the googlesketch free tool and wondered if anyone on the forum had used it. I will be dowloading it if I can ever get near my laptop. Imagine Im on my old home built machine from 2003 doing this and son and heir is on my new laptop playing a DVD. I must be a bit of a soft touch. Anyway back to the comment..... I am going to give it a go on my Rear North Border and see if its any good. I know I could use Autocad at work, but that might be a bit of a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Also I couldnt do it with a glass of Beer at the side of me. Later if the results are any use Ill bung them on her somehow. It looks like the free version will say as JPEG.

8 Jan, 2010

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