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At 48 years old, I have just started gardening with no prior experience! Who'd have thought it would be this addictive!!

I don't have a great deal of outdoor space and the space I have is all hardscaped so I have to garden in pots. The rear garden gets some sun in the morning but the rest of the day is in shade. The side garden gets sun for most of the afternoon.

I'm probably taking potluck on the plants I have as I've probably bought plants on appearance more than suitability but ever the optimist I'm not going to weep like a willow if my efforts don't bear fruit - it's all a learning curve!

This site's been quite helpful so far and am picking up tips.

However, I'm a little nervous about pruning... I've seen Monty Don on the tellybox cutting right down to the ground... could I be that brutal? Time will tell :-)

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