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May colour in the garden


By Bubble

United Kingdom Gb

Have read some articles in various gadening mags, some of which refer to the splendor of May colour for attracting butterflies and bees etc.There wont be much colour in our garden in may although some perennials and annuals should be out a bit later on. Could anyone suggest colourful plants for south facing borders including a dry stone wall and if pos let me know whether these plants are from bulbs seeds or cuttings etc. I would like to attract wildlife into the garden from as early as pos but have really only had daffodils snowdrops and aubretia so far and would like to rectify this for next spring.
Many thanks



Ajuga- low growing ground cover has blue flower spikes 6-10". If you lived near me I would give you some. Small plant readily spreads.

Primulas-(lots of colours) garden centre's have stacks of these at the begining of the year. Can grow by seed but takes about a year.

Hellebors-(lots of colours) you may still find some in garden centres being sold cheap. Also seed but might take a year or two before you get flowers.

Hyacinths-(lots of colours) bulbs, either in the ground or grow in pots and place them where you want them. Once they have finished flowereing you just lift the pot and put something else in.

Comfry- plant(cutting) grows sort of mound/bush shape 18-24" blue/white flowers insects love it. Leaves are bristle. Plant does take over an area so you will have to be in charge and once/twice a year pull clumps off of it. This you can stick in some old onion bags/tights etc and put in your water butt. This will give you a liquid plant feed.

I hope this helps. Have a look at some of my pics from March/April to see what was in flower.

4 May, 2008


Hi Bubble

Instant success for May colour:

Bleeding hearts
Dead nettle
Cherry blossom

just at the moment I have a flurry of huge camellias - think they are rather late but they really are a bonus.

the greens are very fresh at this time of year - I love hummocks of healthy perennials slashed through with the sharp swords of tigridia, crocosmia, gladioli and bears breeches. I have "pixie" clematis flowering at moment - pale lime flowers.

5 May, 2008


My suggestion is to look in other local gardens and Garden Centres and see what is in flower now.

5 May, 2008

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