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By 2ndhand

Wales, United Kingdom Gb

I'm a xenophob in gardening related things. I have set my profile option to see all things from GB, does that not include photos?
I often look at all the pictures and my mouth waters to see some flowers in gardens only to discover they are not in GB but way off in some very tropical climate, and I get rather disappointed, especially as there is no way of knowing by holding the mouse over a name. Is there an option to be able to only see GB pics.



Hi Sec I wonder how many of our plants trees and shrubs we accept as our own, are actually from all over the world? To answer my own question. A great many of them. So your question is a bit puzzling to put it, I hope gently, what you are asking about, is a sort of botanical non globalism. This transporting of plant material around the globe has gone on for yonks. We know now it is not always a good idea to do this. It has good side and a dark side. Our gardens would look a bit bare if bereft of all foreign plant material. By the way what are you wanting to hold the mouse over the plant or the GOY person?

9 Aug, 2012


Even if there were a way to exclude pictures of foreign gardens and their contents, you still wouldn't be sure that whatever plant you're looking at is hardy and resilient, never mind native - many people in Britain grow exotics which won't survive outside and must be removed to a warm greenhouse for at least six months of the year.
And Dorjac's comment on the origin of plants we grow here is accurately placed - even the 'British' silver birch is originally from the Himalayas.

9 Aug, 2012


I think 2ndhand wants to see what grows in the UK. If you google things you often get US advice and what grows in Florida will not grow the same as here due to the wet weather we have, esp in winter.

An image is just an image and unless it is tagged as UK then you cannot filter for it as the search will only find what it is told.

9 Aug, 2012


I am confused by your question. Do you mean members gardens or general internet gardens?

9 Aug, 2012


Sorry folks I didn't quite explain myself very well. Kildermorie has it in one. I like to see what others grow in the UK. I know that most plants come from other continents, but I like to see what i could grow in my own plot. So looking at the pics of GOY I see pics that I think oh wow. then checkout the photographer to see they are in a much warmer climate than here. I was just wondering If I could filter the UK photos on this site to view. Maybe a question on photos put on could have a flag for country?
Just a thought.

10 Aug, 2012


I am with you 2ndhand - that is why I often look here as I want to see what everyone else in the UK is growing. It helps me know what does well or not and when to expect things to flower/fruit, when to set seed. Am growing Pumpkins for the first time and they are just forming. I was wondering if it was too late but searching the site reveals that they are on time for UK. Am sure in the US they would be more developed by now but that is useless as am not in the US!

10 Aug, 2012


I see what you mean 2nd. There was a comment from someone a while back that GOY seemed to getting a lot more contacts recently from the Americas/USA/Canada and maybe there could be some move to cater for that. Perhaps if you use CONTACT US at the bottom left of of this screen and made your points to admin of this site, you might get a useful reply.

10 Aug, 2012


Thanks Dorjac, I have done that. Hoping it is a simple request.

11 Aug, 2012

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