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Money Tree


By Odaniel

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I received money tree seeds with a purchase at a craft show. Can you tell me what conditions this plant needs?



I think this is very easy to grow. Plant almost anywhere!


3 May, 2008


Money plants do better in the sun, they are biennials, which means they bloom every other year. The seeds will fall and start new plants with no help. I harvest my seeds that are still on the plants in the fall so I can throw some out next spring, that way I have something blooming every year now. The first year you will have beautiful green plants, the second year you will get the most beautiful purple flowers in the spring! I get so many seeds I have shared with neighbors. Enjoy!

3 May, 2008


I think you are referring to Lunaria annua ( aka "Honesty"), if it is a biennial with purple flowers in year 2. This is almost like a weed around here, it grows and spreads so readily. it is a good wildlife flower and I move the green base plants around the garden to wherever I wish. the silvery white seed cases also look great in seasonal indoor "floral" arrangements in late autumn/christmas. Don't need particularly good soil. yes, will grow anywhere! In our garden, it is prolific in sun or shade. But, you say Money "Tree", as oppsoed to plant. Now I'm thinking of the houseplant with that name, with Chinese associations. Which do you think you have?

4 May, 2008


The seeds were given to me...they called the seeds Money Tree seeds but I believe it is a plant

4 May, 2008

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