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Salix arbuscula


By Helium1


Could you please tell the care tips needed to have a healthy Salix arbuscula. I live in Lebanon where the summers can be upto 35degrees C - the Salix arbuscula is on the balcony early morning sun 30mins then shade.
I'm away for upto 3 months but have a maid that can water it.
Please advise on food etc and removal of dead leaves, general care

On plant Salix arbuscula



I don't like leaving you with no answer - but unfortunately I can't find your Salix in any of my books. However, from the photo, that's a small pot for a healthy looking large shrub. Is it pot-bound? You may have to repot it. All Salix prefer damp conditions so I would imagine yours would need plenty of water in your heat! I expect that dead leaves will fall naturally. I am afraid I can't advise about feeding, except to say that potted plants usually benefit from a liquid feed occasionally.

4 May, 2008

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