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Hi every body...Please can you help me..As you can see,my Acer has got very big..I dont want to lose it,but can you tell me if it can be trimmed,just to tidy it up...Many thanks...I have just realised i have asked this question thing....

On plant ACER....




yes you can as its so vigouress excuse my spelling . i think and its only my opinion lol just take branches out that are full grown so it doesnt just look like a bush . it would be happier if the inside was more airy and sunny . cut any branches out that are rubbing/touching another branch to start with . realy the acre is happy as it is so you cut it for you . evenly take a branch here and there and keep stepping back as often as you like till you like it . early spring or late autumn when its dorement would be better . i think it would be ok now realy looking at it . if you just want it smaller ie as it looks but a general trim or short back and sides lol just do it as i have an acer shrub/tree that was a bonzei for 16 years . i planted it and it grows realy long branches and get leggy so i cut back as and when but its fine .

21 Jul, 2012

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