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How do I look after a chilli plant?

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A friend has just gone away on holiday and left me his chilli plant to look after while he's away. Not wanting to return a withered mess when he gets back I thought I'd ask if there is anything special I should be doing for it?

I assume it likes lots of sunshine, which is a problem in my cold old Victorian terrace! What about watering patterns?

On plant Capsicum frutescens



Plant food once a week, water 2 or 3 times a week to keep damp not too wet, in a heatwave more often. If you have no sunny spot then plenty of light.

10 Jul, 2007


Thank you very much. Its on the kitchen windowsill at the moment which gets plenty of light through the morning.

11 Jul, 2007


Just thought I'd warn you: don't panic if the fruit start going a dark purple (almost black) colour. It means they're about to turn red!

15 Sep, 2009

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