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hayloft plants ltd having a laugh.
I ordered 5 Phlomis tuberosa plants end of June. The money was taken virtually immediately. I dug out an old Phlomis fruiticosa in anticipation of delivery, now have 4' sq bare soil. I then checked the receipt email, just incase i'd read the delivery date wrong. I had, WRONG YEAR!!!!!!!!
Sent an email. delivery date has been confirmed. They ran out of the plants this year so will be sending them next year, Delivery date 30th June 2013 +/- 14 days. As they have my money i have agreed, but this is a warning to others, check their stock before paying...............:-(



Normally you should only be charged (if you use a credit card) at the time of dispatch but for some reason plants seem exempt from this rule as it is standard practice with all the mail order companies. My theory is that you own the plants whilst they are being propagated and they put your name on them.
A year is ridiculous - I would demand a refund!
(Even though you agreed already give it a try; hopefully you used a credit and not a debit card and the credit card company may be able to help.)

16 Jul, 2012


That's nonesense, a year! I have not come up against this with the small nurseries that I deal with. Credit card payment is taken at time of despatch and if they have run out of an item then it is cancelled and I am asked to re-order next year.

16 Jul, 2012



they do have the delivery dates right under the photograph of the plant on the website. It is very prominent and was there when you ordered 2ndhand. You have just missed it somehow...but the mistake was yours, go to the website and see. Lots of companies do this, it is just pre booking. You may be able to cancel the order, if you like, but that would depend on their policy.

Just thought maybe you didn't buy online..?

16 Jul, 2012


i agree with Bulba, i have placed orders before and been told that they are out of stock and to re order, they have even offered to send me an email when back in stock.
It appears that my payment went in as the last plants went out. But no matter I have asked for a refund as I have found another seller that has them in stock, and not only larger plants, so I can go for 3 not 5 and have change.

16 Jul, 2012


Ah..unlucky timing 2ndhand. Good happy ending there :)

16 Jul, 2012

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