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i, have a bay tree it is six years old but has never flowerd


By Bay

United Kingdom Gb

it is in a large pot fed on a regular basis pruned late spring and fed on tomatoe feed,, help



I don't know what you expected of the bay tree as far as flowering? but it is not a shrub to grow for its flowering quality. as they have very insignificant clusters of yellow flowers in Spring. In the Autumn the Female shrub has small green berries which ripen to black but I have had a bay for 14 years which I grew from a cutting, and hardly ever notice the flowers, I don't honestly know if it is a male or female as I grew it for good Luck!! and for its Cullinary properties, flavouring my stews!! It certainly will not give you flowers to adorn your garden. Don't be dissapointed it is a lovely dark back drop for your flower borders if planted in the garden, in tubs they are more ornamental.

2 Jun, 2009


Telme8 is right, they're not grown for their flowers, only their leaves. I suggest you stop feeding it with tomato feed and switch to a normal feed like Miracle Gro or similar, since tomato food is aimed at forcing more flowers.

2 Jun, 2009

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