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My computer's doing funny things, so this is the third time I've attempted to ask this question - apologies if three appear all at once!
I'd like to grow a Winter Daphne Odora in a small (4ft diameter approx) bed with a row of conifers to the south & huge trees to the east, creating dry shade. Soil probably slightly acidic (lots of manure & pine needles). Would a daphne survive here? If not, any suggestions for a smallish, colourful, preferably scented & evergreen, shrub? At present there is a small, very sad-looking azalea, a few heuchera & cyclamen plus a couple of primroses all of which I'm willing to sacrifice/move. Am in wettish, warmish Somerset.



Firstly Carrotless, is that Somerset, England or Somerset, USA (your id at the top of the question says 'United States')!
Daphnes prefer semi-shade and a lime free soil so slightly acid is good. They also need a humusy but well drained soil, not too wet and not too well fed. You could improve the soil conditions by making a low raised bed with, say, stone walls. I think that too much shade may be your biggest worry but who knows. I would give it a go and see what happens.

13 Jul, 2012


I thought computers always did funny things well mine does anyway,so perhaps its just me,I was described by my "Best" friend as a bloody ludite. Still one can always ask for help from a passing 5 year old :o)

13 Jul, 2012

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