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when is the best time to transplant lamium "yellow archangel"


By Be99999

IL, United States Us

in full bloom or wait until late summer. I live in zone 5 and want to transplant from shade to shade.

On plant Lamium galeobdolon



as a general rule of thumb you move plants while there dorement in winter when there not doing flower there trying to breed not a good time to be moved as you can imagine

1 Jun, 2009


This lamium is really tough - you should be able to divide/move it any time in the growing season.

1 Jun, 2009


i agree with wagger. it is fully tough and i have moved it at all times of the year.

1 Jun, 2009


fare enough though im basicly right i believe as a rule of thumb lol

1 Jun, 2009


yes you are correct np :o). sorry if it sounded as if we were correcting you. we werent, just adding extra info on this thuggish but beautiful lamium.

1 Jun, 2009


thats cool seaburn i love learning it means everything and you taught me something else and you all seam very friendly and you are helpfull.its all good.i didnt see it like that honest.take care bye for now

2 Jun, 2009

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